126 Pcs Hi-Sun Light Up DeMontrond Auto Group Parking Lot

led upgrade of parking lot 126 pcs 240W Hi-Sun LED lamps light up the parking lot in Texas

This LED upgrade project is one of our clients did for DeMontrond Auto Group, and the address is I45 North in Houston, Texas. this project was completed in April 2021 and used our Hi-Sun series parking lot light. after installation, the roadway of the parking lot in DeMontrond Auto Group becomes brighter and keeps the drivers from being in danger at night. what’s more, our Hi-Sun series also has a high lumen efficiency which can reach 185LM/W, in generation speaking, our Hi-Sun series parking lot lights can help you save 30% on electricity bills compared to normal lamps, it also reduces light pollution and maintenance costs. we offer a 7-year warranty, the customers are very satisfied with our Hi-Sun parking lot lights.

Product Model Light Effeciency CCT Quantity
240W Parking Lot Light HS-PL240W-C 185LM/W 5000K 126pcs

Product Used

parking lot lights

Hishine Hi-Sun Parking lot light 

street light

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Before LED Upgrade Before LED Upgrade
240W parking lot light before led upgrade
After LED Upgrade After LED Upgrade
240W parking lot light 240W Hi-sun parking lot light in Huston
175LM/W parking lot light parking lot light install in car park