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For engineering contractors and factory (warehouse) owners, the choice of lighting is very important. The quality and darkness of the LED high bay lights will affect the worker’s progress and job safety, and the price of the luminaires will also determine whether the price of the entire warehouse project is reasonable.


There are many questions before making a purchasing decision on LED high bay lights. Should I choose a local lighting solution company or a terminal LED lighting manufacturer overseas? Do I choose to use economical high bay lighting fixtures, or choose professional LED high bay lights with better quality and higher prices? Do I need to choose UL/DLC/SAA-certified lamps? How can I find the one that suits me best among the dazzling lighting companies?


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K5 300W airplane warehouse high bay light | Hishine Lighting

UFO high bay Light

H3 300W UFO high bay light | Hishine Lighting


For lighting companies, we know everything about ourselves, and we will be distressed if customers do not choose us. But from the customer’s point of view, half a world away, although they can know from various social media that your LED high bay light factory is very large, your lamps are of good quality, and you participate in exhibitions all over the world every year.


Doubts are magnified by the distance. Although I told you we(Hishine LED Lighting) got many bidding LED lighting projects like Olympic Stadium high mast lighting in Columbia, Olympic Stadium sports lighting in Bolivia, DHL warehouse high bay light illumination updated in Switzerland, and Car store parking lot lighting in Texas USA, many customers will say, you can treat these huge customers strictly according to the process, but for small customers like us, will you also send me the parts I need when I need after-sales support? Hishine Group Limited answer for you: Absolutely Sure.



Hi-Robot 1300W in Olympic stadium Colombia

Hi-Robot high mast light 1300W in Olympic stadium Colombia

Hi-Robot 1300W high mast light in Stadium Bolivia

Hi-Robot 1300W high mast light in Stadium Bolivia


This article, lets us talk about these questions from the contractors above, finding out exactly where to buy LED lighting(not only LED high bay light) is the most suitable way for you.



Should I Choose A Local Lighting Solution Company Or A Terminal Manufacturing Plant Overseas?


Most people have considered this question. It often happens that when a user who wants to purchase LED high bay lighting searches for the same luminaire on Google browser or other B2B trading platforms while consulting a certain lighting solution company locally, he will see an amazing fact that the lighting solutions are provided by the solution company.


There is a maximum difference of dozens of times between the price and the price of lamps displayed on the platform, and the difference between the prices of lamps on different platforms/independent stations is also dozens of times.


The dazzling information makes the user helpless at once.


In fact, the LED high bay lighting of the local lighting solution companies is likely to come from the overseas terminal high bay lighting factory you contacted. Local service providers usually provide one-stop services from installation design, high bay lighting selection, installation, and after-sales, saving you a lot of time and energy. But the problem is that, in addition to being unable to go to the site to guide the lighting installation, what local service providers can do is no longer a problem in the current 5G era.


The local lighting solution company can calculate the quantity and specific parameters of the required warehouse lamps and lanterns according to the CAD drawings or the approximate data provided, and the terminal factory can also do the same. Hishine has a Dialux engineer who can handle most application scenarios and high-level high-bay warehouse lighting design solutions.



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K5 LED high bay light installation


We also provide a 5-10-year warranty option for high bay lights, and we will be responsible for all the costs of sending accessories if they are damaged during the warranty period (non-human and environmental factors). In addition to the on-site installation in a warehouse or factory, the scheme design and after-sales service can be fully undertaken by overseas factories. And for on-site installation, the solution company is also an outside construction team, isn’t it?


In fact, in the process of communicating with customers, I found that the most concerned point is whether overseas high bay light factories can handle subsequent maintenance of warehouse lighting issues. After all, replacing lighting parts is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. A large construction team is not a cost-effective thing, but it does affect the progress of the work. Therefore, when many customers communicate with us, they usually ask us whether there are distributors or offices in the local area.


But in fact, this is not the most important place. Why?


The damage frequency of lamps is absolutely positively correlated with the quality of LED high bay lights. When the light fixture you choose is a cheap radiator with a thin slice, you should expect how long it will last. You should expect subsequent damage rates, multiplied energy bills, and maintenance costs.


And the installation of warehouse lighting equipment is not difficult. The usual installation method is the suspension installation of the hanging chain or the ceiling installation of the bracket. The experienced construction team has already installed the lamps and lanterns of thousands of factories.


Therefore, isn’t it the best choice to spend the budget on products with better quality, more perfect radiator design, better quality LED chips, and a safer power supply(driver)?



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K 5 linear high bay light –Achieve maximum efficiency with industrial high compartment lighting


How can I find the one that suits me best among the dazzling lighting companies?

So the next question is, how to choose a lighting company with good-quality LED high bay lights that makes people feel at ease?

First, look at the lighting factory. Whether there is a factory and whether there are professional machines in the factory is the key to determining whether the LED lighting company is professional and whether it has ambitious goals. When a factory has its own one-stop LED lights production line, its original intention must be to provide LED high bay lights that reassure consumers.

Secondly, looking at the series of LED lighting products, you can choose to specialize in a large category of companies. Such as specializing in high-power lighting, commercial lighting, submarine lighting, and explosion-proof appliances. You can also see whether the company’s luminaires are being updated and iterated and whether they are stably producing private mold products with their own patents every year.

Then, choose those LED lighting manufacturers that have been tested in the LED lighting market. Suppliers with large customization cases and stable cooperative customers are worthy of consumers’ trust. These are the LED lighting companies that don’t lure you in with low prices, get your attention with false warranty dates, and disappear when you need a replacement part.

But in fact, the easiest way is to cooperate with the current LED high power lighting(not only high bay light) company you browsed. Hishine Group Limited’s professional industrial lighting has been tested by the market for 15 years and has formed a complete overseas sales process. We have a professional R&D lighting team, lighting sales team, overseas transportation partners, and strict after-sales service. Now we can say without hesitation that we are the No.1 high bay light supplier in China.

Do I need to choose UL/DLC/SAA-certified LED lighting?

What is DLC, UL, DLC premium, SAA, CE, CB SASO……?

DLC stands for DesignLights Consortium, which is a non-profit organization that promotes energy efficiency in LED lighting products. DLC certification is a voluntary program that ensures the quality and efficiency of LED lighting fixtures.

DLC Premium stands for DesignLights Consortium Premium. It is a designation given to high-performing, energy-efficient lighting products that meet specific criteria set by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC). The DLC is a non-profit organization that promotes energy efficiency in lighting by establishing standards and providing a platform for utilities, energy efficiency programs, and manufacturers to collaborate. DLC Premium products offer enhanced energy savings, higher efficacy, and better performance compared to standard DLC-qualified products. This designation helps consumers identify lighting products that meet the highest energy efficiency standards.

UL stands for Unordered List. It is an HTML element used to create a list of items that do not have a specific order or sequence. The items in an unordered list are typically displayed with bullet points or other markers to indicate each item.

SAA stands for Standards Australia, which is the Australian organization responsible for developing and maintaining standards for various products and services.

CE stands for Conformité Européene, which is a certification mark indicating that a product meets the health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

CB stands for Certification Body, which is an international system for mutual acceptance of test reports and certifications of electrical and electronic products. It ensures that a product meets the safety requirements of multiple countries.

SASO stands for Saudi Arabian Standards Organization. It is a government agency in Saudi Arabia responsible for setting standards and regulations for various industries and products in the country. SASO’s main objective is to ensure the quality, safety, and compliance of products and services in Saudi Arabia, as well as protect consumers and the environment. SASO also works to promote international trade by aligning its standards with international standards and facilitating trade agreements with other countries.

Some insurance companies offer discounts or lower premiums for businesses that use UL/DLC-certified products. By using certified LED high bay lights or other LED lights, you may be eligible for such benefits, reducing your overall insurance costs.

By the way, many industries have specific regulations and requirements for the use of certified products. By using certification products, you ensure compliance with these regulations, avoiding penalties or fines that can be costly.

But the most valuable place is about energy efficiency and the longer lifespan of LED high bay lights.

UL-certified LED high bay lighting is tested for energy efficiency, which means they consume less energy compared to non-certified warehouse lighting. By using energy-efficient products, you can reduce your energy consumption and subsequently lower your utility bills. And these lightings undergo rigorous testing to ensure their durability and longevity. By using certified luminaires, you can reduce the frequency of replacements or repairs, saving on maintenance and replacement costs.

Why not consider K-series LED high bay lights from Hishine?

We are a Shenzhen factory and China government-certified Top 10% High-Tech Manufacturer for LED Lighting, has over 50 new design patents and 24 innovation patents. Under IS9001:2015 Quality management, we do OEM ODM service for big companies in the LED field in past years. We focus on high-quality, high-power LED stadium lights, LED high mast lights, LED street lights, LED parking lot lights, LED grow lights, and LED high bay lights.

We are a LED light supplier with value and vision. We hope that the Hishine trademark can be spread overseas, but we also hope to develop more efficient and energy-saving lighting products to help reduce the burden on the earth. This is also the original intention of LED products.


Hishine LED Lighting | 15+ years experience in high power lighting



No matter how much you talk, it is better to meet, and no matter how long you wait and see, it is better to place an order for a sample test.

Hishine will participate in the Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair in October this year. We will so appreciate it to meet you here.