1200W led stadium light for football field and volleyball court
Guide For Football Field Illumination Calculation | Hishine LED Lighting
The general formula for estimating football field illuminance is illuminance = luminous flux ÷ area;...
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k3 Linear High Bay Light Applications2
2024 High Bay Lights Buyer Guide | Suggestions From End Factory
1. What Is The High Bay Light?   High bay light is a type of LED lighting fixture that is specifically...
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led high mast solar light
Buy Lumens Not Watts - How To Choose LED Lights? | Hishine Lighting
In the past, incandescent lamps were often used to choose and purchase incandescent lamps based on their...
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What Does L90B10 And L70B50 Of LED Light Means? | Hishine Lighting
L: Defines the percentage of lumens compared to the initial lumens. It means that the luminous flux of...
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