Why are the high pole lights in the square so popular?

1, A wide range of lighting if some large squares are still installed with low street lights, then the lighting range is limited, there are lighting dead corners. If you install modern square pole lights, then its lighting range is much wider, and the light utilization rate is strong. And the economy of this large-scale lighting is also very good, the use of Led lights to reduce energy waste, reduce lighting costs.

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2, Long service life With the continuous improvement of production technology, the durability of the square pole lamp is also greatly enhanced. It can cope with a variety of environments, the material is durable and has a certain pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, even if the wind and sun can still be stable and safe operation. There is no need for complicated maintenance processes in the later stage, and it is easier to use.

3, Installation convenience Now more and more areas began to accept the installation of square pole lights, not only because of its wide lighting range, good color, but also more worry in the installation. Its installation process is simple, does not cost a lot of manpower and time costs, even in some more complex areas can be installed square pole lights.

Why are the high pole lights in the square so POPULAR?插图1

4, B the environment today’s square pole lamp is not only practical functions, is a cost-effective product. At the same time, the design team also gave the square high pole light more shape, so that it has a decorative function. In some large squares after the installation of novel and unique square pole lights, not only the lighting function is powerful, but also the beautification of the environment is pleasing to the eye