1000W removable strip plant light

LED plant growth lights use plant photosynthesis, absorb and convert light energy, and convert light energy into various nutrients required for plant growth. Because of the different types of plants, the requirements for light are also different, so the corresponding light source should be designed for different plants

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The latest 1000w LED plant light-5×5 feet full spectrum plant gro

LED detachable plant growth lamp is composed of LED light source, support, power cord, control circuit, etc., reasonable structure, simple and beautiful, with a high degree of compatibility and versatility. The device adopts modular design, the LED light source module is fixed on the support, and the LED power module is fixed on the support. The support and control circuit can be assembled according to different cultivation conditions to realize the reasonable cultivation of different vegetables and flowers. The power module can be adjusted according to the need through the control circuit, and the LED light source module can be used alone or by connecting the LED power module. The support and control circuit have strong versatility and can be assembled into various types of plant growth lights according to needs, and the power cord plug and interface are reserved on the support, which can be directly connected to any type of LED plant growth lights.

Improve the effect of plant growth, so that your plants grow healthily. Using advanced LED technology, this 1500W detachable strip plant light has the advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption and long life, simulating the wavelengths in sunlight to provide the best light exposure for your plants. In addition, it has a detachable design to facilitate the replacement and cleaning of the lamp strip, extending the service life of the product. There is no need to worry about the problem of insufficient lighting time or uneven lighting, the plant lamp has automatic timing and automatic dimming function, which can freely adjust the brightness and lighting time according to the needs of the plant. Keep your plants properly lit at all times for a healthy, thriving experience for your precious plants.