HISHINE Four Types of LED LED Stadium Lights Highlighted at Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair 2019

Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair 2019

29th Oct-1st Nov, HISHINE take the four types LED stadium lights attending Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair. These four types including: LED stadium Light (HI-ROBOT), LED Street Light(HI-SLIM), LED Parking Lot Light (HI-TALENT), LED Linear High Bay(K5/K4/K2), UFO LED High Bay Light(H3).

Hi-Robot led high mast light h1

HI-ROBOT has completed many projects, and its unique design makes customers from abroad linger. Thanks to its patented design, excellent heat dissipation in wind resistance levels, and efficient power range, it is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Such as football fields, tennis courts, cricket courts, warehouses, ports, mining, high masts, etc.


HI-ROBOT LED High Mast Light has been recognized by many customers

HI-ROBOT LED High Mast Light has been recognized by many customers

HI-TALENT LED Parking Lot Light In the unique design of fast installation, the customer has reduced the labor installation cost by half,


HI-TALENT LED Parking Lot Light

1. Hollow out heat sink design makes the lamp lighter and better at heat dissipation 2. High Lumen SMD3030 Led Chip 3. Snap-in power cover, easier and faster to install 4. High efficient light with significant energy and cost savings 5. Varieties of installation fittings for different applications 6. Light distribution: TypeⅢⅣⅤ Widely use in high pole parking lot area, car park, roadway, pathway square, stadium,amusement ,residential area,yard,industrial area and etc

Hi-SLIM LED Street Light High Performance & Ultra-thin LED Street Light Free-tool Maintenance


1. Ultra slim heat sink design makes the lamp lighter and better in heat dissipation 2. High lumen SMD3030 chip 3. Waterproof IP67,high thermal conductivity housing 4. Beam angle Type II,III,IV glass lens with transmittance 92% Widely use in high way, parking lot area, roadway, pathway, square,stadium, residential area,yard,industrial area and etc.

K5 LED Linear High Bay Light Have defeated lithonia in a bid


1. High luminous efficacy up to 152lm/w 2. Separate heat sink for led driver and led chip 3. Intelligent lighting: Zigbee wireless control, daylight sensor dimming, microwave sensor dimming, three in one(0-10v,PWM, resistance) dimming available 4. Colorful housing can be customized Widely use in Factory, Workshop, Warehouse, Logistics Center, Exhibition Hall, Stadium, Gas Station,Supermarket and etc.


Ending of Lighting Fair

The exhibition is successfully ended, and the professional sales team who works so hard for several days with ending pose, and then go back to factory with (LED High Bay light, LED Parking Lot Light, LED Street Light, LED Yard light, LED stadium Light, solar led lights, LED Sport Light, LED Stadium Flood Light). If you need any supports and helps, plz send email to info@hishinelight.com.

Post time: Oct-14-2019
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