2020 Best Interior LED Grow Lights Guide

Indoor plant growing lights so that you can at any time of the year, planting a variety of plants in any climate. These lamps are specifically designed to grow, it can replace natural sunlight, to stimulate photosynthesis, and to provide a suitable chromatographic growth and reproduction of plants. If you want to start with indoor cultivation (especially growing cannabis), then you may find the best LED Grow Lights on the market to produce the best results. It is important to realize that not all LED plant growth lights are the same, and although they have the same name, they may not necessarily do the work you need.

2020 Best Interior LED Grow Lights Guide

When you try to decide which LED lamp is best, you may be at a loss because there are many options, but this guide will guide you through some key functions to find the best LED plant lamp to grow indoors effectively Plants, especially cannabis, you should combine these full-spectrum LED growth lights with one of the best growth tents



LED Grow Lights are widely used in those indoors?


With the development of economy era, LED grow lights have come a long way. Today’s LED lights can provide you with the same or even better lighting as HID lighting. LED plant lights are just more efficient.



In urban areas with limited space, LED plant lights can completely change the way we grow food. LED Grow Lights enable us to grow and grow at any time of the year.



LED Grow Lights can be used in greenhouses to supplement natural light, or can only be used in underground or indoor gardens.

Algae production


Algae are now widely used in the production of biofuels, and LED growth lamps are very suitable for algae growth. For this application, only vegetable growth lights (ie, most of them are blue LEDs) are perfect, so you can reduce your electricity bills because less power is required for vegetable operations. They also run cool.

Cannabis cultivation


This is the fastest growing field of LED lighting and is revolutionizing the industry. High-quality LED plant lights can produce higher and higher yields while using less power and generating less heat. They are very useful for cannabis plants.

LED plant growth lights may cost more before purchase, but the operating cost is much lower, so the light output value generated is higher.

Costs are reduced and revenues are increased. Growth operations have become more profitable. In the past few years, family growers have also used LED lights for cannabis plants.


How to choose the best lighting for indoor plant growth?


Not all plant lights are the same?. When you buy a growth lamp for the first time, or even replace an old one, you should look for these key features when considering one kind of lighting instead of another. These points will help you draw the most suitable conclusion for your particular situation.

Full spectrum


This is the first feature you should consider. Plants need not only red and blue spectra, but also infrared and ultraviolet. Therefore, full-spectrum LED plant growth lamps will provide higher yields than others

Light shape


LED grow lights come in various shapes, from panel to dish, and even light bars. It is best to consider where to set up the indoor growth space, which will help determine which shape is right for you. Smaller lights are not only suitable for smaller spaces, but also suitable for scattered patterns, while panel lights can cover longer spaces.

Burning time


Not all LED lights burn at the same rate. Before buying, you should always check the life expectancy of each lamp. A higher amount does not necessarily mean that you will get the highest value or the best LED growth light. Read the package to understand how long it will take to replace this lamp.

High-quality internal chip


At the core of each LED light is a chip that converts your electricity into light. The chip must be of high quality to ensure that there is enough strong light to grow the garden. A good rule of thumb is to find an LED lamp with a chip power of at least 3 watts, so as to ensure that it has enough luminosity to complete the work.

Lower heat generation


This is an important key function of any LED growth lamp you buy. Some LED lights will emit higher heat and create a warmer environment in the process. In turn, you will have to use a fan to cool the space so that the plants have the proper growth temperature. In order to save installation costs, it is much simpler to buy LED lights with low heat generation. Not only do they produce less atmospheric heat, they tend to last longer because they are not as hot as they burn at a constant rate.

Easy to use


Even if you are not familiar with indoor gardening, your time is important. The last thing you have to do is modify the LED growth lights for a few hours to try to adjust them correctly. Choose an easy to use LED light. This means that you should be able to easily set the height and intensity without fuss.


If you want to keep it simple, you can easily start the indoor garden with one or two lights. This guide aims to help beginners to advanced growers to find the best LED growth lamp for their own specific needs and plants. If you look for the main features outlined here, you will surely find the most suitable LED plant growth lamp for your indoor growth experience. I hope you have found the answer to the questions about the LED grow lights, and also understand some of the installation process. Please feel free to post comments or questions, we always like our reader feedback.

Post time: Jan-15-2021
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