Is the plant light full spectrum good or red and blue light good?


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Plant lights can replace sunlight to plant light to promote plant growth, in the planting of vegetables, fruits, flowers can be used, both can promote seedling growth, can also promote flowering and fruit, yield increase, in advance of listing, and many kinds of plant lights, the spectrum has the full spectrum and red and blue spectrum, the plant light is the full spectrum or the red and blue spectrum of good?

After the study of the absorption and utilization of sunlight by plant growth, it was found that the absorption and utilization of red and blue light by plants in the sun is the largest, red light can promote plant flowering and fruit, and blue light can promote plant growth of stems and leaves, so in the later study of plant lamps, people developed a red-blue spectrum plant lamp. This kind of lamp has the best effect on the growth of plants, and the effect is better for crops and flowers that need to ensure the color, and the red and blue light can be matched according to the needs of the most suitable spectrum for plant growth.

There are only two spectra of red and blue light in the red-blue plant lamp, while the full-spectrum plant lamp simulates sunlight, and the spectrum is the same as sunlight, emitting white light. Both of them have the effect of filling light to promote plant growth, but different crops should pay attention to choosing the most appropriate spectrum when choosing.

600W LED Grow Light –

For flowering and fruiting crops and flowers that need to be colored, it is best to use red-blue plant lights, which can be colored, promote flowering and fruit, and increase production, and full-spectrum plant lights can be used for leafy crops. If you grow plants at home, it is best to choose a full-spectrum plant lamp, because the light of the red-blue plant lamp is pink, and people will be dizzy and sick if they are in this environment for a long time.