“Air lighting” – over 15 meters high pole lamp products are becoming higher and higher.

Abstract: With the continuous development and progress of lighting technology, the requirements for “air lighting” – over 15 meters high pole lamp products are becoming higher and higher.

High pole lights can meet the lighting applications of city squares, stations, port terminals, freight yards, airports, stadiums and other places. As the core application product of “air lighting”, it plays a very important role in the security of night lighting.

Port terminal

Port terminal lighting is not only a necessary condition for the safe production of port terminals, but also an important safeguard measure to ensure the night production of port and the safety of ships, vehicles and personnel;
For the working environment requirements of different areas of the port terminal, the power or number of lighting fixtures required is different, and the height of the lamp pole supporting the high-pole lamps is 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters;
Apron area

As an important part of the whole apron lighting system, the ramp high pole light is related to the normal entry and exit of flights and even the safety of passengers.

At the same time, reasonable lighting solutions to solve the excessive light, over exposure, uneven illumination, high energy consumption and other undesirable phenomena.
Sports venues, squares

The LED high pole light installed outside the key sports venues and life squares is a practical and cost-effective lighting product. Not only the lighting function is powerful, but also as a lighting can beautify the environment, so that there is a life guarantee for night travel.