Application Of Hi-Slim High-Temperature Resistant LED Street Lights

Highway Road Lighting: The expressway connects the city and the city, and the traffic of the vehicle is 24 hours a day, so the maintenance and installation of LED street lights need to be carried out at a specific time. When driving on a high-speed road, it is often seen that some LED street lights in a section of the road are not on or flashing, but because maintenance and installation of luminaire need to be carried out at a specific time, and the cost is high and cannot be replaced in time, which also poses safety hazards to drivers. Hi-Slim street light provides a powerful light efficacy of 160LPW and an independent heat dissipation system(Hishine patent). Tool-free replacement with a buckle makes maintenance easier.


Both Rural and Urban Areas Roads Lighting: Hi-Slim street light with a sleek and modern design that blends well with contemporary urban environments. Lightweight design and the intelligent control system (LoRa/DALI/ZigBee…), can be easily managed without leaving the center room for resistant areas and commercial streets, which is the best way to become a smart lighting city.


※ Outdoor Way & Parking Lot Area Lighting: Hi-Slim street light is solar-compatible, and equipped with advanced sensors and controls that allow for remote monitoring and adjustment of lighting levels. This ensures that energy is not wasted by lighting areas that are not in use and that the lighting is optimized for maximum efficiency. Hi-Slim LED street lights also have a great appearance in the project of square lighting/intersection lighting/outdoor industrial and logistics area lighting.


  • Scene Display Of Hi-Slim High-Temperature Resistant LED Street Lights

Hishine Hi-Slim street light.jpg

100W Hi-Slim street light

Hishine Hi-Slim street light solar.jpg

200W Hi-Slim  street light with solar panel  in Saudi Arabia

Hi-Slim street light .jpg

250W Hi-Slim street light installation case