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Basketball is deeply loved by different people, the city’s sports venues, colleges and universities have built basketball venues, many people are in primary school, junior high school began to contact basketball, and fell in love with this sport. With the continuous development of basketball, the corresponding lighting facilities are also very important. It plays a very important role in daily training, competitions and television broadcasts. Basketball is a fast and concentrated game. If there is glare and uneven brightness, it will affect the experience of sports personnel, and if it is a professional event, it will directly lead to the result of the game.


The lighting design of the basketball court needs to consider many factors, such as illumination, color temperature, glare, etc. In order to ensure the professionalism of basketball lighting, the following factors must be considered when choosing basketball lighting:
1. The lighting design of the stadium requires that the lighting color should be sunny, just like the sunlight from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the color of light is pure white and bright, and the lighting effect is the same as during the day.

2, basketball lighting should have a high color performance and pure color: basketball lighting design requirements, stadium lighting color index is high, color index R value above 85, high color performance, close to the sun color ability. The basketball lights are pure colors, not red or blue. It can realistically show the true colors of the basketball space, the basketball and the basketball surface.

3. Basketball court lighting should be no glare: the design requires the lighting of the basketball court, no dazzling, no dazzling, no dazzling effect, in basketball, it can show a good lighting effect. In any position, you can clearly and truly see the trajectory of the basketball.

4. Basketball lighting should be free from the harm of stroboscopic effect: lighting design requires basketball court lighting, smooth and stable luminous flux, small stroboscopic energy, and no damage to the stroboscopic effect. Make sure the trajectory of the basketball is clear.

When installing lamps, glare should be avoided as much as possible, so attention should be paid to the effective control of glare in the installation height, lamp position layout, background wall, etc.

Basketball lighting must choose a good energy-saving lamp, such as LED professional lighting, so that the direct operating cost of basketball lighting will be reduced a lot. The stadium lighting uses high light efficiency lighting, which not only greatly improves the lighting quality, but also has a long service life and a higher luminous effect.

How much does LED lighting for basketball court cost?

Most sports venues are very concerned about this problem, different brands have different prices, in the basketball court professional LED lighting, it is necessary to introduce Hishine. Hishine has a wealth of resources to analyze the actual needs of customers and apply proven technology to solve ball lighting problems. Hishine provides high quality products to ensure the lighting effect of the stadium. Hishine can provide good lighting solutions for different basketball arenas. Hishine’s innovative 50,000-hour constant lighting output ensures a constant lighting level and uniformity on site, avoids the need and cost of increased lighting equipment due to lighting attenuation, and reduces the power consumption of lighting equipment.

LED outdoor sports light module splicing, stable structure, 20*/30*/45*/60×100° and other sym-metrical small beam angles and other kinds of light distribution, optional asymmetric beam angle, can be used in various stadiums, training grounds, Tennis courts, football courts, basketball courts and large outdoor parking lots, airports, shipyards, civic squares, etc. The power range is from 120W to 2600W, and different traditional lamps can be easily replaced. Low maintenance cost, energy saving, and high efficiency.

LED Stadium Lights

Features Of Hi-Robot Stadium Lihgts

-Modular design

-320W/480W/720W/1000W/1300W, 160 LM/W

-UL / DLC/CB/SASO/RoHS/CE/SAA/IK10 approved

-20°, 30°, 45°, & 60×100° beam angle

-AC100-277 or AC240-480 Voltage

-5000K CCT (4000 & 6000K optional)

-Drag coefficient: 12 windage

-Custom bracket optional

-1-10v dimming, intelligent dimming (light control, optional wireless control)

-Intelligent control system

-Wind Test Certified & 20KV Surge Protection.

-Power Factor .95, IP Rating: IP66

-Equipped with a 6FT Power Cord (12FT Power Cord Optional)

led stadium lights


LED Stadium Light Technical Parameters

Part Number HS-HM320W-A HS-HM480W-A HS-HM720W-A HS-HM960W-A HS-HM1300W-A
Wattage 320W 480W 720W 960W 1300W
Lumen Output 51200lm 76800lm 115200lm 153600lm 208000lm
LED Quantity 180pcs 240pcs 360pcs 540pcs 720pcs
Size(MM) L690*W230*H75 L460*W460*H75 L690*W460*H75 L690*W690*H75 L920*W690*H75
LED Chip Lumileds 5050
Luminous Efficacy 160LM/W
CCT 3000K-6500K
CRI ≥80
Beam Angle 20°/30°/45°/
IP Rating IP67
Working Temperature -30℃ to +55℃
Input Voltage AC100-277V/347V/480V, 50/60Hz, >0.92
Warranty 7 years
Lifespan >50,000hrs
Material Die-casting Aluminum housing+PC lens
Certificates UL/CB/CE/ROHS/SAA/SASO/IK10


Advantages Of HISHINE Led Stadium Lights

1. Lightweight

The sophisticated thermal management design combined with the use of cutting-edge technolo-gy makes the LED stadium lights have the characteristics of small size and light weight, which is conducive to reducing labor costs without affecting the heat dissipation capacity.


2. Robust structure

The single one-piece radiator is made of high-purity aluminum, and the structure is strong through die-casting or cold forging process, with zero risk of damage or corrosion. The rein-forced bracket and arm are designed and tested according to strict standards, so that the LED stadium lights can withstand fierce storms.


3. Advanced intrusion and impact protection

Seals and gaskets use IP67 protective barriers to prevent environmental pollution, PC lenses or provide adequate impact protection, allowing outdoor stadium LED lights to be used in harsh outdoor/humid applications.


4. Significant returns

Thanks to the efforts of HISHINE engineers to try different combinations to achieve higher lumi-nous efficiency, our stadium LED lights are designed to reach the energy-saving limit, directly transforming traditional HID lights, which can achieve fast and significant returns.

Meet More Application Requirements

-Football field, stadium, football field, baseball field, golf course, basketball court, swimming pool,hockey field, volleyball court and racing field.

-Entertainment areas, parks and tennis courts.

-Large parking lot and airport, seaport terminal.

-High mast applications on highways and bridges.

-Lighting for oil refineries, dilling platforms, derricks, prisons, military camps and manufacturing sites.


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Guangdong Hishine to create a national brand of LED lighting, long-term engaged in all kinds of stadium lighting research and development, design, production and sales, with independent intellectual property rights, with core competitiveness. And the use of the Internet of Things technology, the lighting equipment for intelligent management, lighting mode switching, by the PC and mobile devices can be one-click mode switching, lighting can be in professional broadcast, professional competition, amateur competition, amateur training and other different modes of switching. It not only saves time, reduces the workload of managers, but also improves work efficiency.

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