Design requirements of high-power LED tunnel lights

(1) Basic lighting should be set in the tunnel either during the day or at night. When the vehicle enters the tunnel during the day, the brightness of the road surface should gradually decrease, so that the driver’s vision has an adaptation process, and the entrance section is divided into the introduction section, the adaptation section and the transition section.

(2) Determine the length (S) of the introduction section, adaptation section and transition section, which is usually determined by the adaptation time of T=2s according to the vehicle speed (V), and can be estimated by S=VT/3.6m; The exit section should also be provided with transitional lighting, the same as the entrance section in the case of two-way traffic.

(3) there is no enhanced lighting at the entrance and exit at night, and street lights should be set outside the hole, with the brightness not less than 1/2 of the basic brightness inside the hole; Emergency lighting shall be provided in the tunnel, and its brightness shall not be less than 1/10 of the basic brightness.

(4) According to the provisions of China JTJ 026-90 “Code for Design of Highway Tunnels”, the length of tunnel entrance lighting interval and the minimum brightness standards of the road surface are designed according to the requirements of Table

Design requirements of high-power LED tunnel lights插图
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