Equirements for sports venue lighting, key points and steps of lighting design

A modern large-scale comprehensive sports hall should not only meet the needs of various large-scale competitions, but also undertake various tasks such as large-scale cultural performances and gatherings. The venue is divided into main and general venues, usually including badminton hall, table tennis hall, volleyball hall, tennis hall, basketball hall, athletics venue and its supporting functional areas.

Holding different competitions on the same venue can indeed save resources to some extent, and a multi-purpose venue can also effectively avoid venue waste. However, there are also certain problems. Sports competitions and cultural performances require different lighting, and basketball and table tennis competitions have different requirements for contrast. Even formal competitions and daily training are two different environments, which requires the lighting of the competition venue to switch between different modes! Single lighting is no longer sufficient to meet the increasingly diverse needs of venues!

Lighting is one of the important links that fully reflect the functions of sports venues, with the focus on sports field lighting, namely competition lighting; Next are general lighting, audience lighting, emergency lighting, venue lighting, interior lighting, indoor lighting, and road lighting. These are all important components of stadium lighting; How to meet the lighting requirements of various competition venues, so that color temperature, illuminance, glare, color rendering index, etc. all meet the prescribed standards. This not only depends on the choice of lighting fixtures, but also on the selection and allocation of lighting systems.

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