Extensive Guide to Led Shoebox Lighting

Extensive Guide to Led Shoebox Lighting

In this article, HISHINE will show how to buy the perfect LED parking lot lighting.


In the past, high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps have been used to illuminate outdoor spaces. With the advancement of technology, Led Shoebox Light has become the hottest lighting method now.


In recent years, the quality of Led Shoebox Light has varied greatly between manufacturers. This makes choosing the right lamp both frustrating and daunting. It requires your diligence and caution, because many people’s lives and safety depend on it.


But rest assured, here we can help you choose the perfect LED light to illuminate each area.


All you need to know about parking lot lighting

Parking lot lighting refers to lighting equipment that illuminates a large space (mostly outdoors). Generally, Led Shoebox Light is used to illuminate building floors, parking lots, sidewalks, streets and nearby areas. The purpose of this lighting is to ensure the safety of everyone. By properly illuminating a parking lot, the safety of the parking lot can be improved.


Things to consider when buying LEDShoebox Light

When buying the right LED light, you must focus on all aspects. Performance as one. The performance of LED Shoebox Light depends on the design of thermal and electric lighting. If the design is weak, it may cause rapid depreciation of the lumen and shorten the life of the light source.


Not only that, but several other factors must be considered.


1. The efficacy of light is essential for lighting

The efficiency of LED Shoebox Light is one of the factors you must pay attention to. Luminous efficiency indicates the efficiency of the bulb. Efficacy measures the lumens produced by each watt of electricity produced by the bulb. LEDs are called high-efficiency lamps. This is because they have high efficacy.


LED lights have a long service life. If they are used for 12 hours a day, they can last almost 100,000 hours. This means that LED lights can be used for 20 years.


2. Don’t forget the light pollution

Light pollution refers to the excessive brightness of the sky caused by artificial light. Can be divided into four categories: clutter, skylight, glare and intrusive light.


Light intrusion refers to providing light where it is not needed. Skylight is light pollution generated when light escapes upward. Glare is too much light, which can cause discomfort and irritation.


3. Pay attention to the color rendering index

CRI refers to the measurement of light, ranging from 1 to 100. When light strikes an object, it can display the correct hue of the object. If the CRI of the light source is high, it means that the color will be more realistic. In short, color rendering is a great way to measure the quality of light.


The CRI of the sun is 100. Many LED lamps have a CRI of 80 to 90. This is an excellent rendering feature.


4. Don’t ignore the installation steps

Traditional lamps have a technical installation process that requires professional help. But with LED lights, you may not have to worry about the installation process. Because they have a simple installation process, they can be installed quickly.


An important note to remember is that improper installation may cause the lighting system to malfunction. Nonetheless, you do n’t have to worry, because the lights come with complete instructions. This makes the process easy and worry-free.


5. The brightness of the light is essential to reduce the space

The brightness of LED Shoebox Light is measured in lumens. It refers to the amount of light produced by the lamp. This is one of the key factors that must be considered when buying LED lights. It will eliminate the risk of buying too bright or too dark lights for your space.


The higher the lumens of light, the brighter it will be.



6. Color temperature is important

Few people pay attention to the color temperature of LED lights. It helps to measure the color of the light produced.


2700-3000K- At the lower end of the scale. It will emit a warm yellow light.

4000K- is mid-range in size; it produces white light.

5000-5500K- At the high end of the scale. It produces white light.

7. The service life of LED lights is a crucial factor

Unlike traditional lamps, LED lamps are not easy to burn. Since such lamps have separate diodes, less light is generated. LED can maintain 70% light output for a long time. The service life of high-quality LED lamps is up to 100,000 hours.


Buy the best LED Shoebox Light

If you are looking for ideal parking lot lighting, no further search is required. HISHINE provides a series of LED lights suitable for various applications, with a maximum lumen of up to 53200lm. All products are durable and durable. Installing the lamp is very easy, you don’t need a technician. The light produced is uniform and glare-free.


HISHINE’s Hi-Talent series LED-Area-Light is ideal for illuminating small and medium-sized buildings, gas stations, factories, docks and outdoor parking lots. If you want to illuminate a larger space, HI-SUN series LED Shoebox Light 190LM / W is the ideal choice. It can illuminate parking lots, gas stations, stadiums and many other areas.

Led shoe box lighting


LED Shoebox Light is a great way to illuminate large and small parking lots. Using LED Shoebox Light can improve the safety and energy saving of the space and surrounding area. This is a complete guide to lighting the area.

Post time: Apr-29-2021
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