Floodlight Advantages And Installation Guide

Floodlight Advantages And Installation Guide

Need LED floodlights for your next project? Haven’t found the right company yet? Don’t worry! let me help you.

China is famous for its LED lighting industry, which includes LED floodlights. Here you will find professional manufacturers and suppliers of floodlights for your project. Whether it is lighting large buildings, security vehicles, sports fields or other outdoor activities, the Chinese LED market is a good choice. They offer you affordable prices, customized facilities, and guaranteed quality. However, to find the best company, you should browse their website, check out reviews, and check out their warranty and customer service conditions. After that, you have to compare each one and choose the one that meets your requirements.

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400W floodlight in tennis court

Characteristics of LED floodlights

Design: The design of LED floodlights allows for heat dissipation and adequate air circulation. In addition, the large lighting beam angle helps cover a wider area. To learn all about beam angles, check out this article: Everything You Need to Know About Beam Angle. Additionally, these lights can minimize glare effects by illuminating large areas.

Bracket Design: You can easily adjust and install the LED floodlight in the U-shaped bracket design. Therefore, it gives you more flexibility when installing.

Lightweight: LED floodlights are usually lightweight, so you can install them easily and without any hassle.

Motion Sensor: Today, LED floodlights with motion sensor functionality are also available. They sense your movements and turn on and off automatically. You can use them for security purposes in your backyard, garden area, or garage.

Adjustable Lighting: Many floodlights also offer you the ability to adjust the light color. You can change the color of the light with a switch or remote control. These floodlights are perfect for poolside or other areas that require stylish lighting.

Application of LED floodlights

You can use floodlights for indoor and outdoor projects; there are many places where you can use LED floodlights. For example-

1. gardens and parks

2. swimming pool

3. Warehouse, factory, workshop

4. Airports, subway stations and other public places that require outdoor lighting

5. Stadiums, sports fields, athletic fields and other sports venues. If you don’t know how to buy stadium floodlights.

400W floodlight in hishine factory

Advantages of LED Floodlights

Energy efficient: LED technology represents the future of lighting. LED lights (mainly LED floodlights) are popular with businesses and homes because of their reduced energy consumption and extended service life. Additionally, these lights use 70% less energy than traditional light bulbs. They generate less heat and do not require additional cooling systems to function properly.

Best Performance: Light performance is measured by illumination power. LED floodlights can produce higher light intensity per watt. Therefore, you need fewer LED floodlights and less power than traditional lights to get optimal lighting.

Low Maintenance Cost: One of the main advantages of these lights is their low maintenance cost. LED floodlights can operate for years without the need for repairs or replacements. The service life of LEDs is usually about 10 years or more, which is 3 times that of traditional lights.

Environmentally Friendly: Using LED floodlights has many benefits for the environment. They last longer, save energy, produce no heat, etc. And they contain no mercury or toxic chemicals and are recyclable.

Durability: If you want a floodlight that lasts longer, choose LED floodlights. They are designed to last for over 50,000 hours or more. This is in contrast to incandescent or halogen lights, which must be replaced every few years.

LED Floodlight Installation Guide

There are three installation processes for outdoor LED floodlights. This can be base mounting, ceiling mounting and wall mounting.

1. Have tools ready, such as an electric screwdriver, an open-end wrench, an impact drill, and a hammer.

2. For safety reasons, make sure the power is turned off.

3. Before installing LED floodlights, mark the surface where they will be installed.

4. Then you have to choose the right drill bit, make a hole with the drill bit, and drive the screw into the hole.

5. Align the mounting holes on the light bracket with the punched holes.

6. Use an electric screwdriver to insert self-tapping screws to secure the bracket in place.

floodlight sample in hishine factory

Why do LED floodlights flicker or flicker?

Typically, flickering or flickering LED floodlights can be caused by a variety of issues. Some reasons are

1. When your LED floodlight starts flickering, you need to check the driver circuit. If any problem is found, replace it with a new one. Try to avoid using low-quality equipment as they can become damaged if the temperature is too high.

2. After replacing the driver, if the light still does not light up, please check whether the LED chip is burned out. If the LED driver is too large and the chip size is too small, flickering issues may occur. On the other hand, when the radiator is too small and the temperature is too high, the floodlight may flicker.

3. Circuit overload is another problem with flickering LED floodlights. Check whether the LED floodlight flashes when the air conditioner or other appliances are turned on.

4. Check if you have any outdated fixtures, circuit breakers, connectors or switches; these can be the cause of your floodlights flickering. So check your wiring carefully to see if these problems exist.

What should I pay attention to when importing LED floodlights from China?

When importing LED floodlights from China, you need to check the import rights to ensure that your country allows you to purchase products from China. Then, compare the available options. China has the most important manufacturing industries and suppliers in the world and you will find many companies there. So find some of the best companies and compare each one. To do this, you can read reviews on the company’s website and social media pages. Also, you can ask your friends or colleagues if floodlights are imported from China. After choosing a company, check out their product prices and shipping costs. And try to negotiate the price and find the perfect shipping method.