Football Field Bosnia 1300W LED High Mast Light

Football Field Bosnia 1300W LED High Mast Light




Product Used:1300W Stadium Led High Mast Light

-Using 48pcs 1300W Stadium Led Flood Light(HS-HM1300W-A)

-Beam Angle:18 degree



Through the pre-docking and project modification, the plan was finally determined to cooperate with HISHINE. At the request of the customer, the light poles were redesigned for the entire project to replace the original ones. There are a total of four light poles, and 12 LED Highs are installed on each. Mast Light,


The complete solution design given by HISHINE finally, the customer is very confident in the professionalism of the HISHINE team, and officially issued a production order form in February 2019.


Due to the customer’s urgent delivery deadline, HISHINE’s efficient production line successfully completed production of 48pcs HI-ROBOT 1300W LED High Mast Light in 7 days. Provide customers with delivery guarantees and ensure installation time throughout the venue. HISHINE is a solution provider for China’s high-power stadium lighting production research and development, and provides competitive stadium lights costs.

Installation of Lights


During the installation process, the customer also sent a lot of pictures of the field installation of outdoor stadium lighting and was very satisfied with the final installation results.


HISHINE is not how professional we say, we just prove our ability in products and services through actual actions. Not only do you choose us, but we choose and trust each other.

Post time: Jan-08-2020
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