Four Things About Purchasing LED Lights | Hishine

When purchasing, you need to pay attention to four points:


First: look at the quality of LED industrial and mining lights, that is, the configuration. First of all, what brand is the LED high bay lamp chip used? The imported first-line brand has high luminous efficiency, long life, low light decay and stability. Secondly, look at the power supply. A poor-quality power supply is basically insufficient power, that is, if you take a 100w lamp, it is actually 40-50w, which will affect the life of the lamp. Then look at the material of the lamp housing. The price of the lamp also depends on the amount and purity of the aluminum used. If imported pure aluminum is used and the heat sink is large, the use of aluminum will naturally be more. Only the material used can ensure the heat dissipation effect of the lamp. In addition, the electrical box of the lamp should be made of pure aluminum, and some cast iron does not have good heat dissipation.


Second: Talk to the supplier about the company. Observe whether the supplier is professional through talking with the other party, so as to ensure the authenticity of each accessory used and not cut corners. Some small companies sell LED high bay lights with low configuration and low price to you. After a few months of use, the lamps are broken. When you go to them, some companies have closed down or changed their company names to continue to deceive consumers.


Third: Talk to the supplier about the price. Ask the supplier’s price system, rather than the specific product price, so that you can clearly understand the price space, so that you can see how much space is available in the price of the product you need. Then propose the product, inform the product demand, and the quotation is the supplier’s business. With so much talk, the supplier can only make a reasonable quotation.


Fourth: place the order in time. Don’t hesitate after the negotiation, be quick, because the supplier will respond to you quickly; if you slowly place an order to buy, the supplier will also slowly prepare the goods for you, and the production of LED high bay lights is always in stock Made to order. The supplier will definitely have a lot of customers. The supplier’s handling of the order must be arranged in order and according to the pace of things, so if you are fast, the supplier will be fast!


At the same time, you have already selected the product and supplier, and you hesitate , the potential opponents of the supplier will do everything possible to destroy your order and purchase agreement, and various methods will tempt you not to place an order in time, which will only cause you to lose the best buying opportunity in the end, and you may have to spend the entire process of time Find a new supplier, and generally you can’t find an equally good LED high bay light supplier that satisfies you, because you are already in a passive position when looking for a supplier again.