How Does Apron Lighting Contribute To Airport Safety? | Hishine Lighting

Apron lighting is an essential part of airport lighting as it provides visibility for safe aircraft operations on the apron. Apron lighting requires specific characteristics that are different from other outdoor lighting fixtures. This article will discuss the unique demands of apron lighting and how it contributes to airport safety. It will also recommend Hishine’s airport lighting products with their features and advantages.

Apron lighting is the lighting that illuminates the aircraft parking areas, including the taxiways, runways, and ramps. It plays a vital role in airport lighting as it facilitates the safe movement of aircraft and ground vehicles around the airport during low light conditions. There are several special demands of apron lighting.

Firstly, apron lighting should provide adequate illumination for aircraft operations even in low visibility conditions such as rain, fog, or snow. The lighting should reduce reflections and glare from the wet surface, which can impair the pilot’s vision and create safety risks. Apron lighting should also minimize the impact of shadow and light obstructions as they affect the pilot’s depth perception.

Secondly, apron lighting should provide uniform illumination across the apron area. Any unevenness in the lighting can impair pilot visibility and create safety concerns during aircraft maneuvers. The lighting should also provide sufficient illumination to enable the ground staff to perform their activities safely.

Lastly, the apron lighting should have robust construction to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the airport environment. They should be resistant to corrosion, as exposure to rain, snow, and saltwater can degrade the durability of the fixtures.

Apron lighting contributes significantly to airport safety by enabling pilots to navigate safely around the apron area during low-light conditions. It also makes it possible for ground staff to perform their duties safely, minimizing the risk of accidents during ground operations.

Hishine’s airport lighting products offer an ideal solution for apron lighting. Hi-Robot and Hi-Shoot are high-mast lighting fixtures specially designed for airport applications. They are manufactured with Philips SMD7070 chips and international brand power supplies, which ensure high efficiency and long durability of the fixtures.

Hi-Robot and Hi-Shoot also feature a unique and patented ventilation design that enhances their performance and prolongs its lifespan. They also offer impressive lighting performance of up to 190LPW, which ensures uniform illumination across the apron area, enabling pilots and ground staff to perform activities safely.

Additionally, Hishine’s airport lighting products can withstand severe weather conditions, making them ideal for airport applications globally. They can resist winds of up to 17 levels of the typhoon, and their unique design can accommodate different intelligent control systems such as Zigbee, Lora, and DALI, providing efficient and sustainable energy management.

In conclusion, apron lighting is a crucial aspect of airport lighting that contributes significantly to airport safety. The lighting should meet specific requirements such as uniformity, resilience, and adequate illumination to reduce the risk of accidents during aircraft and ground vehicle operations. Hishine’s airport lighting products offer an ideal solution that provides uniform illumination, energy efficiency, and robust construction, making them an excellent choice for airport lighting worldwide.


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