How much knowledge about the football field?

Refer To Football, The Sport Has Been Loved By Many People, But How Much Do You Know About The Standard Size Of A Football Field?

LED Football field light standard

International standard football field length: the longest is 110 meters, the shortest is 100 meters. However, the length of the international standard football field also differs depending on whether it is an international game or a World Cup game. The specific standard sizes as follows:

• International competition: length 100-110 meters, width 64-75 meters.

• World Cup final stage: 105 meters in length and 68 meters in width.

International standard football field width: the shortest is 64 meters, the longest is 75 meters.

In the past, due to the limitation of sunlight, people can only play football in the daytime on the football field. But now with the development of LED technology, people are increasingly inclined to hold football matches at night.

LED Football field light standard


What’s the best football field light?

1.Illumination Requirements

Because the area of the football field is very large, this puts forward requirements for the illumination of the football field lights. Too dark will make our football players see where their teammates are, however, too bright will dazzle the eyes and waste electrical energy.

  Training and recreational activities only Amateur competition Professional competition TV emergency General TV broadcast HD TV broadcast of major international competitions
Illumination 200lx 500lx 750lx 750lx 1000lx 1400lx

To find out what standard the football field lighting needs to achieve, we need to clarify the function of the football field first. The specific functions and their corresponding illumination requirements are as follows :

2. Uniformity Ratio Of Illuminance

LED Football field lighting

In fact, it is impossible to achieve absolutely uniform illumination. the uniformity of illuminance can be expressed by the ratio of the minimum value of illuminance Emin and the maximum value of Emax, or the ratio of the minimum value of illuminance Emin and the average value of Eave, The uniformity of illuminance should be Emin/Eave=1:1.5 at least. For the low illuminance in the above table, due to the constraints of many practical factors, it is difficult to achieve the ideal uniformity of illuminance. In this case, as long as the location of the football field lights and economic conditions permit, the uniformity of illumination should not be less than 1:2.5, the premise is to assume that the position of the football field lights meets the requirements of 4.1. Although the uniformity of the illuminance of the football field meets the requirements, it is necessary to avoid sudden changes in the illuminance in a short distance. In addition to the illuminance uniformity mentioned above, it is worth noting that the human eye sees the brightness rather than the illuminance. The appearance of the football field will vary with the viewing direction, field conditions, and weather.

3.Glare Control

LED Football field light

Glare is very harmful to eyesight. In severe cases, it can cause dizziness and even cause accidents; Slight glare will also gradually reduce vision in a long is easy to cause glare when the ratio of the brightness of the viewed object to the background exceeds 1:100. Glare can be caused by the high brightness of the light source directly illuminating the eyes, or caused by the strong reflection of the mirror.

The most common way to limit glare is to make the lights have a certain protective angle and to match the appropriate installation position and hanging height, or limit the surface brightness of the lights. The so-called protection angle refers to the angle γ between the projection boundary line and the opening plane of the lampshade.

Generally, the larger the projection angle of the lamp, the smaller the light distribution curve. When a wide light distribution is required and direct glare is to be avoided, the light source should be enclosed by a glass lampshade that can transmit light at the opening of the lamp, or the light source should be covered by various openings.

4.Support TV Broadcast

LED Football field light Support TV broadcast

With the advent of the 5G era, the picture quality of future TV broadcasts will definitely rise to a particularly high level, the football field lights design must take this into consideration. Every LED football field light manufacturer must provide a reliable led football field lighting solution to prevent the audience from feeling flickering or glare when football matches are broadcast on TV.

5.DIALUX Lighting Simulation

LED Football field light DIALUX lighting simulation

The best football field lighting design must be simulated by DIALUX before purchasing football stadium lights. It can not only allow project decision-makers to clearly understand how to arrange the football field lights to achieve the best lighting effect, but also make him or her clear understand the number of football field lights needed and save costs.

Why LED sports lights can replace HID fixtures?

1.High Lumen

LED Football field light High lumen

For many outdoor football fields, in addition to a comfortable grass environment, it must also be equipped with bright lighting, so that players can feel a clear vision when they kick the ball. The area of the football field is very large. How to ensure that the football players in the football field have a clear vision and the spectators outside the football field can see clearly? This is the problem that the football field lighting design must deal with. With the continuous maturity of LED technology, today’s LED sports lights have a great feature, which is the high lumen. Take the 600w LED sports lights we produced, its brightness can completely match the traditional 2000w HID fixtures. Just imagine, playing football on such a bright football field is very passionate.

2.Multiple Installation Methods To Choose

LED Football field light Multiple installation

I.360° rotating bracket

360° rotating bracket design, flexible adjustment can realize horizontal and vertical adjustment and with a clear scale, the light will follow your heart.

II.Round Pole bracket

Round Pole bracket design, applicable to some football field requires the football field lights need to be installed at a certain height to prevent glare and use the football field light poles


U-bracket design, after installation, the angle of light irradiation can still be adjusted freely, very flexible.

3.Longer Lifespan

Due to the LED lights does not have the shortcomings like filament luminescence, easy burning, thermal deposition, light decay, etc, its lifespan is usually up to 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is more than 10 times lifespan of traditional light sources. The LED performance is stable and can work normally at -30~+50°C. One of the disadvantages of HID fixtures is that they are difficult to start, and special triggers must be used. After starting, the brightness gradually increases. If the starting energy is too large and the starting speed is too fast, it will affect the lifespan of the lights. This is why the lifespan of the traditional HID fixtures is shorter than that of the LED lights.

4.Better Heat Sink System

LED Football field light Multiple manufacturer

As LED technology has received widespread attention as a new generation of lighting technology in recent years, LED power has increased, and heat dissipation has also become more and more important. The reason why the LED heats up is that the added electric energy is not all converted into light energy, but part of it is converted into heat energy. In order to solve the heat dissipation problem of LEDs, a lot of energy has been invested in the heat dissipation of LED chips and LED lamps.

• Aluminum fins: This is the most common way to dissipate heat. Aluminum fins are used as part of the housing to increase the heat dissipation area.

• Unique air convection radiator design provides superior ventilation efficiency

• Heat conduction pipe: Using heat pipe technology to conduct heat from the LED chip to the heat dissipation fins of the housing

5.Robust And Corrosion Resistant

Because football field light is often exposed to the wind and sun, oxidation and corrosion are a major factor restricting the lifespan of lights. Our lighting equipment is made of polycarbonate and high-quality aluminum alloy. This material has good corrosion resistance. In addition, the waterproof level of our football field lights has reached IP66.


A good football field light not only needs high brightness but also needs a satisfactory warranty period because this is directly related to the subsequent maintenance problems. The quality assurance of our football field lights has reached seven years, which is rare in the lighting industry.

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