How the high pole light to lift up the lamp panel

The steps for lifting the lamp panel are as follows:


  1. Open the sealed door at the bottom of the light pole and close each air circuit breaker.


  1. Turn off the motor switch and insert the motor power plug and controller plug into the corresponding socket.


  1. Close the triple circuit breaker, click the controller button, check the relay suction condition, and turn on the motor switch after normal.


  1. Hold the controller 5 meters away from the light pole.


  1. Press the rise button of the controller, the motor rotates forward, and the lamp plate rises smoothly along the light pole. During the rise, pay close attention to whether there is an abnormal situation, such as the safety coupling is found to slip, the sound of the motor, the worm gear reducer is abnormal or other abnormal conditions, to immediately stop the rise, find out the cause, and solve the problem.
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  1. When the light plate rises to near the automatic hook position, it is necessary to move up until the hanging ring on the light plate touches the hook on the light pole, then the hook moves back, the hanging ring enters the hook, the hook automatically returns, the limit switch at the bottom of the light pole works, the light plate stops rising, then click the drop button, the hanging ring falls into the central position of the hook, at this time, the wire rope unloads the load and no longer has the force. The anti-slip device of the lamp plate works, so that the lamp plate is firmly suspended in the upper part of the lamp pole.


7.Turn off the triple switch, unplug the motor and controller, plug in the power plug of each sodium lamp, close the corresponding air circuit breaker, and close the sealing door.