How to calculate the Lux required for outdoor football field

To judge the Lux (Lux) required for outdoor football stadiums, we need to refer to FIFA and relevant lighting standards, while considering the actual use and needs of football stadiums. The following is a detailed method of judging Lux required for outdoor football fields according to the information provided in the reference article:


Lighting brightness standard:

According to the regulations of FIFA, the brightness standard of football stadium lighting is 2000lux. This is to ensure that the playing field has enough illumination, so that the players can see the ball and the field during the game, and ensure the fairness of the game.

Uniformity standard:

In addition to the brightness of the lighting, the lighting of the football field also needs to consider the uniformity, that is, the lighting intensity of each corner of the field should be relatively balanced. According to domestic standards, the uniformity of illumination on the ground of the football field should reach more than 0.7, which means that the difference in illumination between different places of the site can not exceed 30% to ensure that each position in the site has sufficient lighting.

Illuminance standards for different types of turf:

For natural and artificial turf, the illumination standard is usually 300 Lux or more. However, please note that this is for general use of football fields, not professional competition venues.

Illuminance requirements for different areas:

For professional competition venues, in addition to the lighting requirements of the competition venue, there are also specific requirements for the lighting of the audience, the athletes’ rest area and the dressing room. For example, the illumination level of the auditorium should not be less than 300 Lux to ensure that the audience can clearly see the game. The illumination of the athletes’ rest area and dressing room should also be no less than 300 Lux to provide a comfortable resting environment.

Consider actual use:

When determining the Lux required for an outdoor football field, it is also necessary to consider the actual use of the football field. For example, if the football field is primarily used for night games or training, then a higher level of illumination is required. In addition, if the football field is often used for television or large events, then you also need to consider the requirements of vertical and horizontal illumination.

In summary, to judge the Lux required for outdoor football fields, it is necessary to consider the lighting brightness standards, uniformity standards, sod types, illumination requirements in different areas and actual use. For professional competition venues, it is recommended to follow the requirements of FIFA and relevant lighting standards to ensure that the football field has sufficient illumination and uniform lighting distribution.