How to choose led arena lights, what aspects need to pay attention to?

Every game is a showdown, and every player tries his best to win on the field. If it is daytime, athletes can observe every detail of the field through the sun, but if it is night, then the lighting is very important. The night sports process needs a professional and stable led stadium lighting to assist, then, how to choose a professional led stadium lighting, what aspects need to pay attention to?

How to choose led arena lights, what aspects need to pay attention to?插图
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  1. Stability from the court lights

Stadiums and venues in the selection of reliable led court lights, to do a good job in advance to fully understand the working principle of led court lights, choose a strong stability of the led court lights installed in the arena ground, can maintain stability during the event for the event to carry out stable lighting, Provide service escort for every sports competition to ensure the normal order of sports events to establish a professional reputation image.

  1. Suitability from court lights

The stadium chooses led field light production custom direct sales manufacturers to cooperate, pay attention to the variety of field lights supplied by the manufacturer is rich or not, according to the requirements of different venues and different facility conditions, the manufacturer should supply led field lights that are compatible with it, in order to achieve the lighting level required by the stadium field for the event. The applicable led material court light can better protect the interests of customers and professional image.

  1. From brand awareness

The popularity of a brand is very important, it affects how much share a company’s products have in the entire market. Some unknown products, the price is very cheap, and not durable, there will be a variety of problems in use, seriously affecting the experience of athletes, in the overall cost may be more than brand products.

  1. From after-sales service

In addition, you can also choose from the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer. Reliable manufacturers will consider the overall situation for customers. For example, Hongxin will not only provide customers with lighting services, but also product design and Dialux design services to ensure the stable output of led court lights in different venues, and provide replacement services within the warranty period. Effectively protect the interests of customers and stabilize the cooperation between the two to achieve a win-win situation.


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