How to choose LED ufo mining light for warehouse lighting

At present, there are many kinds of LED circular UFO mining lights on the market, how to choose the right one? The following four aspects can help you determine whether this lamp is suitable for purchase and use.


  1. Light efficiency

Generally speaking, high light efficiency means better energy saving. It is believed that under the same ground illuminance requirements, the higher light efficiency of the LED circular UFO mining lamp means that the same ground illuminance can be achieved with lower wattage. It has a very intuitive impact on enterprise energy saving. However, higher light efficiency does not mean better. First of all, high-efficiency lighting fixtures can also mean faster light decay. Therefore, you need IES LM-80, IES LM-79 and L70 reports to help you determine whether the LED chip can maintain high luminous efficiency for a long time. On the other hand, it is also necessary to understand the UGR of LED circular UFO mining lamps. Higher light efficiency usually means higher UGR value. If the UGR value is too high, it will lead to an uncomfortable visual experience.


  1. Performance

Good heat dissipation performance and lighting performance in different extreme environments are important criteria for judging the quality of LED circular UFO mining lamps. The temperature rise test report can give a good feedback on whether the heat dissipation performance of the LED circular UFO mining lamp is excellent. If the temperature rise test report shows that the LED chip temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the performance of the lamp, resulting in serious light decay of the lamp. At the same time, the corrosion resistance and impact resistance levels also need to be professionally tested to ensure that the LED circular UFO mining lamp can be used safely. High and low temperature impact test and high and low temperature start-up test can show the performance of lamps in extreme environments.


  1. Certification

Since each country has different requirements for LED circular ufo mining lights, it is necessary to know what certifications are required for lighting in your country. Products that meet the certification can guarantee safe use in the country. At the same time, some special applications require special certification. For example, food processing plants need to pass the certification of domestic food processing management agencies, and chemical plants need explosion-proof certification.


  1. Intelligent control

LED lamps have the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, if the lamps are equipped with intelligent control system, energy saving efficiency will be further improved. Usually in Europe, LED circular UFO mining lamps require DALI dimming function or 1~10V/0~10V dimming function. If your project is a warehouse, you can also consider equipped with a motion sensor for the LED circular UFO mine, which can sense the movement of people and goods at any time to turn on or off the light. If you need to adjust the brightness of the light according to the ambient illumination, you can also choose the LED circular UFO mining lamp with the illumination sensing intelligent module, so that your indoor place can keep the illumination level unchanged at any time.


At present, most of the LED circular UFO mining lamps have a 5-year warranty, so if you choose the product according to the engineering needs and the quality of the LED circular UFO mining lamps, the lamps can work for a long time.