How to choose the right plant fill light for indoor planting

Plant light according to the literal meaning, you can see that its role is to fill the light of the plant, instead of sunlight to the plant light, to meet the needs of plant photosynthesis for light. Especially in the spring and winter festival, because of the weather, it is the peak season for using fill lights. That many family planting will also encounter the problem of insufficient light, that in indoor planting can use plant fill light? What kind of fill light to choose?

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It can be used anywhere, so if there is insufficient light for indoor planting, you can also use plant fill light to fill light, but you should pay attention to many factors in the process of use.

Because of the limitation of the size of the family space, the fill light that takes up more space is not applicable, and because of the space problem, some fill light with high heat is not applicable, if the fill light is too close, it will cause burns to the plant. The purpose of family planting is to meet the lighting requirements of domestic flowers and plants, if the power consumption is too high, it is not cost-effective, so pay attention to the power consumption when choosing fill light.
So to sum up, in the family planting can choose LED plant fill light, because the LED plant fill light is small in size, can be used in a limited space, its heat is low, can be close contact with plants. Low power consumption and cost-effective use. And the spectrum of LED plant fill light can also be customized according to needs, to meet the different requirements of different types of plants for light.