How to Dim The LED Street Light?

1. What is 0-10V dimming?

0-10V dimming is a common and popular control method throughout the lighting industry. It was originally developed to control fluorescent lamp ballasts, hence the name “fluorescent dimming” or “5-wire dimming”. As the LED market continues to grow, it has become one of the most common control topologies in the LED industry. 0-10V dimming system uses 0-10V DC voltage signal to control the brightness of lighting fixtures. In this system, a 0V signal indicates that the light is off (sometimes 1-10V, which means the light does not turn off completely), and a 10V signal indicates that the light is running at full power. By changing the voltage of the control signal, the lighting fixture can be dimmed or brightened.

0-10V dimmer for led light

2.How does 0-10V dimming work?

First of all, we need to know that in order to adjust the brightness of the LED, the current flowing through the LED must be changed, because the current size and the luminous flux are approximately linear, the larger the current, the brighter the LED light, and the smaller the current, the darker the light; the fundamental difference lies in the dimming of the silicon controlled rectifier. The method is to use the chopping function of the thyristor to adjust the input voltage of the dimming drive power supply, thereby changing the output current of the dimming power supply. 0-10V is provided by a 0-10V dimmer to provide a voltage of 0-10V change to the 0-10V dimming power supply, so as to change the output current and achieve the purpose of brightness change. Thyristor dimming has been used in incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamp dimming methods in the early days, and it is also the most widely used LED dimming method in the market. Dimming method. Its working principle is to generate a tangential output voltage waveform by cutting the input voltage waveform through the conduction angle. Applying the tangential principle can reduce the effective value of the output voltage of the thyristor dimmer, so as to reduce the power of common load (resistive load).

3.What are the benefits of 0-10v dimming?

Let’s discuss why you should choose 0-10V dimming and how it will help you.

This is an advanced technology that works well with LEDs.

This is one of the easiest ways to use less electricity because the dimmer lets you control it.

It will save you money and also extend the life of your LEDs.

Since you can vary its intensity, you can use the light for a variety of purposes. Sports fields or other outdoor events require bright lights, and venues such as restaurants require dim lights.

It is very famous in the market because it complies with IEC standard.

It works well for outdoor commercial events where the lights need to be dimmed.

It is suitable for living room, bedroom and kitchen at home, as well as dining room, hospital, warehouse and work office.

led street light dimming system

4.How does the 0-10V dimming system work in the street lighting system?

0-10V dimming power supply is a common method to control the brightness of lighting fixtures, which can realize the adjustment of light intensity. In road lighting, this dimming driver can be paired with various controllers. First, microwave sensors automatically adjust the brightness of road lighting according to occupancy, achieving energy efficiency and energy saving goals. Secondly, the controller installed on the NEMA base of the street lamp can realize remote dimming, which is convenient for adjusting the lighting effect in real time. In addition, the system can also realize centralized control and intelligent management. Additionally, light sensors and timers are sometimes used to transmit 0-10V signals for dimming of interior lighting. In daylight applications, microwave sensors and control panels are more commonly used in 0-10V systems. These methods can achieve energy saving and promote the sustainable development of urban street lighting