How to grow vegetables indoors without the sun?



PG03 LED Grow Light


Indoor planting is becoming more and more popular. Some people choose indoor planting because of their hobbies, and some people choose indoor planting because of their living environment. And some of them want to grow some vegetables in their own houses, but it is not easy to grow vegetables indoors without sunlight, how can it be achieved? Today, I will analyze with you how to grow vegetables indoors without sunlight.


Essentials for growingvegetables indoors

To grow vegetables indoors, in addition to preparing vegetable seeds, you also need to prepare a lot of items, including the following:

1. Container

You can choose traditional flower pots or plastic pots, wooden boxes, crates and the like, according to your personal planting budget, but no matter which kind of container you choose, you must make sure that this container has drainage hole.

2. Planting lights

The most important and necessary item for growing vegetables indoors with insufficient sunlight is to choose according to different planting conditions. Detailed introduction and recommendations will be given below.

3. Potted Mix

In addition to the soil, put some organic matter into the container to ensure that your soil is nutrient. For example, adding some decaying leaves as organic matter is good.

4. Water

The growth of plants is inseparable from water, but be careful not to over-water, otherwise it will easily cause the roots of the plants to rot, and also pay attention to the soil not too dry, or it will cause hypoxia in the roots.

5. Fertilizer

This is an optional option. It is added according to the growth needs of vegetables. Note that if you over-fertilize, your plants will be “burned” by fertilizer.


How to grow vegetables indoors without the sun


Necessary conditions for the best growing light for the vegetable garden

After talking about all the items needed for growing vegetables indoors, let’s talk about one of the most critical items in indoor planting, which is the growth lamp, and give you a detailed introduction to some of the necessary conditions for the growth lamp:

1. Support full spectrum

The different growth stages of plants require different light waves. For example, when plants are growing, blue light waves can make plants grow stronger and healthier stems and leaves. At the flowering stage, red light waves can make plants more robust. Flower and bear fruit faster, grow more flowers and bear more fruits.

2. High performance

Plant growth lights can not only bring supplementary light to plants, but also bring faster growth speed and more yield to plants. The secret of this is the PPE and PPF parameters of plant lights. They represent the photon efficiency. The higher the value, the higher the efficiency of the plant light, which can shorten the growth time of the plant and bring additional yield.

3. Energy saving

Generally, the turn-on time of the plant growth lamp is relatively long. Depending on the plant, the illumination time is also different, but it is generally more than 6 hours, so energy consumption has become one of the conditions for determining a plant lamp.

4. Low calories

When plant lights are working, they will generate heat, and these heat will harm plants, so we should pay attention to choosing those plant lights that produce lower heat.


How to grow vegetables indoors without the sun


How long do I need to keep the light on the plants?


1. Illumination height

Adjust the light height according to the growth of the plant. It is recommended that the height of the plant light be kept at 24-36 inches above the soil in the seed stage, and the height of the plant light should be kept at 16-36 inches above the canopy of the plant in the flowering stage.

2. Illumination time

Most plants need more than 6 hours of light per day for growth. Some plants need more than 12 hours of light per day. Most vegetable plants need at least 6-8 hours of light per day. If vegetable plants are blooming At the stage, you can increase the light time.


Salad vegetables: If you want to eat fresh salad vegetables every day of the year, then you can grow this type of vegetables indoors.

Carrots: Root vegetables grow very well indoors, but be careful to use loose and fertile soil, because rocky soil will destroy the growth of root vegetables.

Radishes: Radishes grow very fast, some varieties can be grown in less than three weeks.

Leafy vegetables: Smaller plants such as lettuce and spinach grow well indoors, and are also a good choice for growing indoor vegetables.

Flowering vegetables: Tomatoes and peppers are also popular choices for growing vegetables indoors. However, it is necessary to adjust the height and duration of the plant lighting during the flowering stage, because a lot of light and heat are required to bloom and fruit.


After talking so much about the conditions for indoor vegetable planting and the recommended crops, many friends will be concerned about what kind of plant lamp is suitable for vegetable planting, especially since there are so many plant lamps on the market, it will definitely let many friends enter A difficult stage to choose, then at the end of this article, I recommend a plant light, that is, the PG03 series of LED Grow Light 800W produced by HISHINE.


How to grow vegetables indoors without the sun


The PG03 LED Grow Light 800W produced by HISHINE is equipped with full-spectrum light to meet all the light required for plant growth, and the values ​​of PPE and PPF of this plant light have reached 2.8 µmol/J and 2240 µmol/s, respectively. It is highly efficient electronic The efficiency flux allows this lamp to shorten the time required for plant growth by 50%, and brings an additional 50% of the crop yield, and the light output of 2240 µmol/s not only reaches the traditional 1500W DE HPS plant growth lamp The light output is more than a lot, which means that the PG03 LED Grow Light with only 800W power can do the work done by the 1500W DE HPS plant growth lamp, and the energy consumption caused by it is only 1500W DE HPS About 60% of the plant growth lamp, 40% reduction in energy consumption in exchange for 50% reduction in growth time and 50% additional output, which is enough to prove its excellence. And because the main material is a diode, the heat generated by this product is very low when it works, and the heat dissipation effect is also very good, and it will not harm plants. And the design is very light, which can reduce the packing space by 70%. Compared with the 70% reduction in freight, the installation and use are also very simple. It is very friendly to the novice growers indoors.