How to Install High Pole Light

The steps and notes of high pole light installation
Installation steps and key points:

1. Select the position of the high-pole lamp, using steel raw materials with a diameter of 3-6M, 50-90mm and a wall thickness greater than the high-pole lamp pole.

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2, before unpacking, please check whether the high pole lamp is complete.

3. When installing a high-pole light, the cable should be pre-installed on the lamp pole and led to the electrode side at the top of the lamp pole. After confirming that the power supply is disconnected, connect the cable to the high pole light input line, and pay attention to the identification of the power input line. Then wrap carefully with waterproof electrical tape.

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4, Insert the key into the electronic keyhole, turn clockwise to the green point, and then pull out the key.

5, insert the lamp tube into the high pole lamp pole, tighten the anti-theft screw with the tool to ensure the stability of the high pole lamp.