How to install intelligent high pole light?



The installation process of intelligent high pole light can be summarized as the following main steps:

How to install intelligent high pole light?插图

  1. Preliminary preparation


Determine the installation position and height: Determine the installation position and height of the tall pole light according to the lighting requirements and the surrounding environment. In general, the height of the intelligent high pole lamp can be selected according to actual needs, and the common heights are 15 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters and so on.

Prepare installation tools and materials, including cranes, screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, lubricating oil, bolts, steel cables, pulleys, and lamps.

  1. Foundation construction


Digging pit: According to the height of the light pole and the size of the embedded parts, dig out the appropriate size of the pit, the pit depth is generally more than 1.5 times the length of the embedded parts.

Lower embedded parts: Place the embedded parts into the pit, ensure the levelness and verticality of the embedded parts, and fix them with concrete.

Backfill concrete: Backfill concrete around the embedded parts to ensure that the concrete fully fills the pit and is tamped.

Three, light pole assembly


Unloading and placement: Place the light pole flat on the ground, ensure that the bottom opening of the light pole is upward, and use the round steel pipe and the sleeper to pad it flat and straight.

Install pulley, lightning rod, etc. : Install pulley, lightning rod and other components above the light pole to ensure firm installation.

Assemble the lamp tray: put the lamp tray on the column, fix it with the connecting wire, and install the lamp.

Fourth, steel cable and cable installation


Installation of steel cables: Install three stainless steel cables (secondary steel cables) on the support frame of the fixed structure at 120°, and connect the three secondary steel cables with a main stainless steel cable with a connecting flange.

Install the cable: Lead the cable into the lamp pole through the roller, and tie a knot 1.2 meters after the steel rope is connected to the flange to prevent the cable from slipping when lifting.

Five, overall lifting


Use the crane to slowly lift the light pole, ensuring that the bottom flange is aligned with the bolts of the embedded parts.

The upper nuts fix the standing pole to ensure the stability of the light pole.

Vi. Debugging and testing


Connect the power supply and control system for debugging.

Test whether the lifting function, lighting effect and various intelligent functions of the lamp panel work normally.

  1. Finishing touches


Clean up the installation site to ensure a clean environment.

Fill in installation records and acceptance reports.

The above is the basic process for the installation of intelligent high pole lights, and the specific installation steps may vary depending on the actual situation and specific products. During the actual installation process, strictly follow the product instructions and related safety specifications to ensure installation quality and safety.