How to Light Up a Seaside City?

With the arrival of summer, the beach has become one of the travel choices for most people. And the huge flow of people has brought huge business opportunities to the coastal cities around the beach. Coastal cities Due to their unique natural environment and rich marine resources, coastal cities are usually popular tourist destinations. These cities have a variety of tourist attractions such as beaches, marine parks, aquariums, etc.

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With the development of social economy, in order to enhance the cultural heritage of coastal cities and people’s life sentiment, people pay more and more attention to the aesthetics of urban lighting. Bright lighting, safe, energy-saving, low-carbon and environmental protection, at the same time, prolong the life of lamps and lanterns, and build a gorgeous dream of a city.

Modern cities present different forms because of their unique geographical landscapes, differentiated human environments and different aesthetic concepts. Lighting design, to a certain extent, reflects the historical and cultural accumulation and social and economic development of the city. Combined with different architectural lighting, through the modern lighting technology of light and dark, virtual and real, light and shadow, dynamic and static, cold and warm, it shows the city lighting that is different from the daytime. Brightening lighting strengthens the unique image of the city, thereby exerting the iconic value of the landscape.

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system structure:

The intelligent lighting control system, based on the Internet of Things technology, adopts the structure of total sub-total, tree-like hierarchy, etc., and forms a complete control system through intelligent control modules. Various control methods such as automatic control, timing control, and centralized control can be used, and the various control methods are flexible and diverse to meet the lighting needs in different scenarios.


Basic function:

Automatic control: Install sensors in public areas such as parking lots, walkways, and elevator halls to realize automatic control. The sensor can detect whether there is a car/person entering or leaving the current environment. If no car is driving or no one is walking, the light will not be on; Delay off.


Manual control: Install smart panels and touch screens in duty rooms, elevator entrances, rooms, etc. to realize one-to-one and one-to-many control.

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Scene control: According to the control requirements of different scenes, a variety of scene modes are preset, and scene switches can be set on the panel/touch screen/central control interface. When the system is running normally, the staff can switch freely.


Timing control: According to lighting requirements, the timing switch law can be set to complete automatic control.


Fire linkage: only supports linkage control with the fire alarm system. Once the fire alarm signal is triggered, the emergency lights will be automatically lit to guide personnel to evacuate.


Group management: support grouping and fragmentation control of lighting areas, and at the same time adjust the intensity of light, support access to LED light strips, colored lamps, etc., to meet the lighting atmosphere of the scene.


With an intelligent lighting system, how to choose a good LED light becomes the key. Taking street lamps as an example, if you want street lamps to work stably for a long time, you need street lamps with good quality and good energy-saving effect. Hi-Rise is the latest energy-saving street light from Hishine Group Limited, and its energy-saving effect can reach 35%. At the same time, Hi-Rise has a very good heat dissipation function, so that the light decay of LED street lights can be minimized, which greatly increases the service life of LED street lights.

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