How to lightning-proof stadium high pole light.

The stadium is usually equipped with a lot of high-pole lights, the height is relatively high, and the top of the light pole is equipped with a number of high-power lighting lamps, which we refer to as the stadium high-pole lights. For such lamps, we do not need to consider anti-shock, but we have to consider lightning protection, because lightning strikes can easily cause the light source chip to burn or security risks.


1, Install lightning rod Install Franklin lightning rod on the light pole. Because it only protects lamps, the protection scope is very small. So there is no need to install expensive lightning rods. The metal light pole body is used as the lead line of the lightning rod and also as the protection line.


2, buried copper belt grounding ring In order to prevent the danger of stepping voltage under the light pole when lightning strikes, two or three rings of copper belt grounding ring with an interval of about 600mm can be buried under the light pole foundation. The reason is 600mm, because the step voltage refers to the voltage that occurs when the distance between the two feet is 0.8m. So take a distance of less than two feet.


3, the grounding system of the high-pole lamp can use the same TN system as the square grounding system, because the neutral line of the high-pole lamp can not be touched, and the shell of the high-pole lamp is connected with the metal pole, and is grounded, because it will not cause danger. Of course, if the power system is TT system, it can also be used.