Indoor And Outdoor LED Tennis Court Lighting Standards

Indoor and outdoor LED tennis court lighting standards refer to the specific requirements and recommendations for lighting systems used in tennis courts, both indoors and outdoors.


These standards are designed to ensure that the lighting is safe, efficient, and effective, providing players with the necessary visibility to play the game at a high level.


Indoor tennis court lighting standards typically require a minimum of 200 lux of illumination, with a uniformity ratio of 0.7 or better. Outdoor tennis court lighting standards may require a higher level of illumination, up to 500 lux or more, depending on the size and location of the court.


In addition to the level of illumination, LED tennis court lighting standards may also include recommendations for the color temperature of the light, the placement and orientation of the fixtures, and the use of glare-reducing technology to minimize eye strain and improve visibility.


Following these standards can help ensure that tennis courts are well-lit and safe for players, while also reducing energy consumption and minimizing light pollution. This can be an important consideration for both indoor and outdoor tennis facilities, as well as for communities and organizations that are looking to reduce their environmental