Innovative “electricity” bright future, power cutting-edge products show strength

With the rapid development of aerospace, cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data and other industries, as well as the prosperity and innovation of downstream application markets such as LED lighting, distributed photovoltaic, energy storage, wind energy, charging piles, new energy vehicles, industrial control, rail transit, consumer electronics, medical, and financial data centers, China’s power industry is entering a new era of development, and the market potential is exploding.

The World Power Industry Expo 2024 will focus on the national new energy policy, in-depth discussion of energy new quality productivity, and display industry innovation achievements: from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”, renewable energy to environmental protection solutions, all the latest achievements in the field of power supply, directly touch the complete industrial trading network. At that time, There will be top power supply enterprises present switching power supply, power adapter, fast charging source, energy storage power supply, lighting power supply, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), inverter power supply, module power supply, frequency converter and special power supply, power supply machine, electronic components, power production equipment and accessories, testing equipment, intelligent control system and other innovative technology, exquisite technology and new design concept. As well as green power solutions, build a platform that integrates cutting-edge trend insight and high-quality communication, provide enterprises with cutting-edge technology vision, broaden the global market, accelerate the market promotion of new technologies and new products, help the power industry to form new economic growth points, and meet new market opportunities.

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