Insurmountable Problems and Defects in the Use of LED Tunnel Light

LED tunnel light as an irreplaceable equipment in the field of tunnel lighting, there are also insurmountable problems and defects in the use of LED tunnel light, which is an unavoidable problem in the promotion process. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects

1, LED tunnel light failure problem

LED tunnel light is LED as a light source tunnel lighting lamps, LED – is a light emitting diode, this is a solid cold light source, it is a cold light source, but it will produce a lot of heat when working, the reason why it is a cold light source, it is not like the traditional gas light source or liquid light source, to be in a hot environment, on the contrary, The operating temperature of the LED is within a certain range, the lower the better.
Leds generate a lot of heat in the conversion of electrical energy to light energy. The photoelectric conversion rate of LED is only 30-40%, and the other 60-70% of electric energy is converted to heat energy. A large amount of heat energy accumulates around the PN junction, and if these heat cannot be exported and dissipated in time, the photoelectric conversion rate will be lower and lower as the PN junction temperature increases. However, at present, no matter how advanced the heat dissipation technology is, it can not completely dissipate these heat, which leads to the lower and lower luminous efficiency of the LED tunnel lamp, which is what we usually call light decay.

Good quality LED light source, because the chip quality is good, large specifications, coupled with high thermal conductivity of the bracket, packaging technology, thermal conductivity, heat dissipation effect is good, in the same use environment, light failure is small, but this light failure is relatively small, currently can not do zero light failure. In addition, the light decay of the LED is also affected by external factors such as the heat dissipation conditions of the lamp body and the ambient temperature of the use, which will further increase the light decay. Generally excellent quality LED tunnel lights, light decay can achieve 5000 hours ≤3%, 50,000 million hours ≤30%. When the luminous efficiency maintenance rate of the LED is less than 70%, it is generally considered that the LED life has reached the end.

The initial luminous flux of LED generally shows an upward trend, with the passage of time, the luminous flux reaches a more stable plateau period, and then a decreasing parabola, the more gentle the parabola, the smaller the light decay. Under laboratory conditions, the light efficiency maintenance rate of LED drops to 70% of the time, and the time can reach more than 110,000 hours, but in practical applications, the use time is far lower than this data, and the quality of LED tunnel lights is generally about 60,000 hours.

2. LED light source has high requirements for supporting equipment and use environment in practical application

In addition to the LED light source, the LED tunnel light has higher requirements for other supporting equipment, such as the lamp body must use a good heat dissipation material, at present, the main use of good thermal conductivity aluminum lamp body, and with a radiator; LED tunnel lamp driving power supply must use constant current output to power LED lamp beads, if the current is too large, there is a risk of burning the LED chip, the current is too small, low luminous flux, brightness is not enough, such as the current is not constant current, the light will be ststrobe and so on.
The use voltage of the LED tunnel lamp also has requirements, if the input voltage is too high, it will burn the drive power supply, if the output voltage of the power supply is too high, it will break down the LED chip. The power supply voltage is too low, and the drive power supply cannot work properly.

LED tunnel lights also have requirements for the use of the environment, the ambient temperature is too high, the heat dissipation of the lamp body will have an adverse effect, increase the light decay, shorten the service life. If the use of environmental dust, oil and gas is more serious, after a period of use, the surface of the lamp body is seriously stained, which will also affect the heat dissipation and affect the service life.

3, LED tunnel light penetration problem

The luminous color of the LED light source tunnel lamp is generally positive white, the color temperature is 5500-6000K range, there are also a few LED tunnel lamp color temperature is about 4000K natural white, but whether it is positive white or natural white, the penetration of the light is far lower than the sodium lamp light. In the use of heavy fog mountain tunnels, the light penetration of LED tunnel lights should be considered in the tunnel lighting design, and the low color temperature LED light source should be used as far as possible. However, for LED tunnel lights with the same power, the luminous flux of low color temperature is lower than that of positive white light, and the brightness is reduced.
Of course, the defects do not obscure the defects, although the LED light source tunnel light has the above difficulties and defects, but compared with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp tunnel light, the advantages are still very obvious, I hope that science and technology workers can solve the above difficulties in the future, so that the LED tunnel light can be more widely promoted in the field of tunnel lighting, and the lighting effect can be a higher level.

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