Interpretation Of Guangdong Experience In LED Industry Development

“Uneven quality is a big problem facing the LED lighting industry at present. It is an urgent demand of the LED industry to build a high-quality trading institution or platform through standardized channels for consumers and traders.”

Yun Danping said.

He believes that Guangdong Province, as a big province in the development of LED industry, should set a good example and take the lead to effectively solve the problem of chaos in the LED industry.

We will work hard to tackle key technological problems and strengthen their application and popularization

From 2009 to 2010, the total output value of Guangdong’s LED industry was a relatively small 39.2 billion yuan.

Since then, Guangdong Province has independently designated LED as one of the three strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province, and the annual financial support of 450 million yuan is provided by the state.

For several years in a row, Guangdong Province has been strictly grasping the technical departments, technical breakthroughs.

Although, the current Guangdong Province in the LED industry to achieve some results can not be compared with foreign giants, or even lack of a certain convergence, but at least a breakthrough.

“If there is a sun abroad, then we must at least have the stars and the moon,” Yun said.

On the other hand, in the whole country and even in the world, Guangdong has the largest publicity in LED technology and products.

Yun Danping said that a few years ago, the society lacks a certain understanding of LED, after many aspects of publicity, the public gradually from doubt to familiar with, which has also experienced a quite long process.

At present, LED street lamps can be seen almost everywhere in Guangdong, especially on expressways, and the installation has been basically completed.

This shows that LED lamps have been recognized by the public.

Interview, YunDan ping also said, first from street lamps in the promotion of LED lamps and lanterns, there are several reasons: first, because the lamp power, use conditions, at the same time also have related requirements in terms of brightness, therefore, it is a technology with the highest product, if the lamp related issues resolved, other products will solve the problem of.

Second, the current price of street lamps is very expensive, and the government, as a consumer in this area, should make the gesture of the first purchase.

At the same time, the government should not choose cheap products to purchase like ordinary people. The government should take certain responsibility for promoting the development of the industry.

Third, LED is combined with energy saving and emission reduction, which is in line with today’s development situation.

Fourthly, it is because of its energy-saving and emission reduction characteristics that it brings space and creates opportunities for business models.

Yun Danping believes that if the original choice to promote the field is not good, the promotion of LED products can not be carried out at all.

Establishing “Benchmarking System” from the Angle of Management;

Yun Danping said that LED street lamp demonstration project to a certain extent, the relevant projects will appear one after another, so as to produce competition among enterprises.

Previously, LED in the lighting industry is a new thing, relatively speaking there is no corresponding evaluation system.

So a management policy called “benchmarking” was put forward.

The origin of “benchmarking system” is actually from the perspective of management and back to technology. It applies the concept of management to the evaluation and evaluates whether the enterprise’s products are qualified.

Benchmarking in management is a fuzzy concept, we need to use indicators to measure the fuzzy concept, just like the universally recognized Lei Feng.

The recognized as important indicators to take Lei Feng as the standard for testing, Lei Feng in line with this standard is considered qualified.

And so on, the difference between the products of various enterprises will appear.

And Lei Feng is not a permanent standard. This index is dynamic and changes every three months.”

Cloud Danping analysis to.

In addition, Yun Danping believes that the “benchmarking system” is a fair and just representative, to a certain extent, it can be applied to the anti-corruption.

“The policy of benchmarking system adopts third-party monitoring, which prevents products with poor quality or leadership relationships from entering the market and creates a relatively harmonious and stable atmosphere for the market.

The strategy of “standard light components” is imperative

Interview, YunDan flat LED lighting more than once mentioned the problem of “light component standardization”, he said, along with the advance of the change of the market and technology, LED lighting companies to upstream difficult, such as in accordance with the previous one is only one manufacturer of lamps and lanterns in the production of components can form a complete set of the old model, also can make enterprise “death” faster.

Therefore, in order to maintain the flexibility of the enterprise, it is necessary to promote the development of the standardization of optical components in the LED lighting industry, and the strategy of “standard optical components” is imperative.

The power, color temperature and other parameters of the traditional lamps from the bulb to the tube can be found in the manual, and the lighting environment can even be simulated on the computer.

However, because the LED “standard parts” have not been set up, the components parameters produced by each manufacturer will be different, so it can not be simulated by computer.

Yun Danping affirms: “Now all LED light environment design software is fake.”

“Standard light components” is not only the needs of individuals and industries, but also the requirements of society, but the whole society needs to have a long-term understanding of the standard.

It’s a process that requires government, business and individuals all to move in the same direction.”

Yun Danping said.

“There are many kinds of standards for light components, but mandatory standards like optical safety and so on have to be done by the state, the state has to be mandatory to determine.

Industry referral standards, however, require voluntary compliance.

“Previously, inspired by the caller model in recent years, Guangdong Province had planned to put some listed enterprises in the province on Taobao and Tmall as a platform for promotion.

However, we found several problems: first, Ma Yun will not open all the resources, background, data and so on to these enterprises;

Second, these listed companies have their own e-commerce platforms;

Third, enterprises not only can not provide standardized light components products, but also separated by the interest problem.”

Yun Danping said.

He believes that although Guangdong Province’s LED e-commerce model atmosphere is very good, but if the problem of “light component standard” can not be solved, the e-commerce promotion platform can not start.

Therefore, the Internet to have rules, rules have rules.


The emergence of LED “point” light sources is an irreversible trend, and no one can control which direction the light source mode will develop in the future.

But one thing is certain, just as the building will always be based on the brick standard, no matter how the material of the brick changes, its shape standard will remain basically the same.

Therefore, can not say that the standard is unchanged, can only say that the standard is relatively unchanged, which is an important feature of the LED light source standard.


Post time: May-12-2021
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