Is there a difference in the impact of sunlight and light on plant growth?

As is well known, plant growth requires light, water, temperature, air, and various minerals.

But do you know why plants cannot grow without sunlight?


Is there a difference in the impact of sunlight and light on plant growth?插图
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That’s because photosynthesis is required during plant growth. The solar energy can be utilized by plants to produce organic compounds along with water and carbon dioxide, and in this process, oxygen is released, which is called photosynthesis.

The organic matter produced by photosynthesis is mainly carbohydrates, including glucose and starch necessary for plant growth, which are formed by photosynthesis and release energy simultaneously.

Photosynthesis can ensure the normal development of plants, and in addition, fruits cannot mature without light. If there is no light during the growth process of plants, they will definitely die.

Sunshine is very important for plants, but plant lighting growth lights can simulate the lighting effect of natural light to some extent, and can also promote healthy growth of plants.



What is a plant growth lamp?

Plant growth lamps are artificial light sources, usually electric light sources, aimed at stimulating plant growth by emitting electromagnetic spectra suitable for photosynthesis.

Plant lamps are used in applications that do not emit natural light or require supplementary lighting. For example, in winter, when the daylight hours may not be sufficient to achieve the required plant growth, lamps are used to extend the time for plants to receive light. If plants do not receive enough light, they will grow excessively.

The emission spectrum of this specially designed plant lighting LED lamp meets the physiological requirements of plants and meets the effective spectral range for photosynthesis. Moreover, it can efficiently convert electrical energy into radiation energy, achieving high radiation intensity within the effective range of photosynthesis.

Whether it’s day or night, whether in a greenhouse or experimental field, we can actively use plant lighting LED lights to replace sunlight and control the growth time of plants.