Key points of stadium lighting design

Key points of stadium lighting design

For many fans, whether it is football or basketball games, in addition to the comfortable grass or floor environment, it is necessary to match the court lighting, so that athletes can feel a clear vision during the game.

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If the installed lighting does not meet the standard, it is easy for athletes to feel uncomfortable, and it is difficult to look slightly away, not to mention paying attention to where the ball is during the game, which greatly affects the game experience

As a professional stadium builder, in addition to mastering the necessary site construction knowledge, the installation and construction of these supporting facilities is also very necessary to understand, only you are professional enough to do better!

According to the relevant professionals of Hua Hihisne, the stadium lighting design should pay attention to these details:

1, the stadium lighting should meet the use requirements of various personnel such as athletes, referees and spectators. If there is a television broadcast, the lighting requirements of the television broadcast should be met.

(2) When major international competitions are broadcast on high-definition television, the stadium lighting should still meet the technical requirements of relevant international sports organizations and institutions.

3. The design of major competition venues should consider the special functional lighting requirements during the game.

4, the court lighting should include the game venue lighting, audience lighting and emergency lighting.

5, sports building design stage, should also consider the lighting design requirements.

6, the stadium lighting design should meet the corresponding lighting indicators at the same time, lighting energy saving should be implemented.

7. After the installation of the stadium lighting system and before major matches, lighting testing should be carried out.

Stadium lighting design points:

1. Soft lighting distributed in different planes of the room can give the space comfort. On the contrary, unsuitable or excessive lighting will cause visual damage and fatigue.

2. Proper reflective control can protect vision. Although light reflection does not disturb vision, it may cause irritation and damage to vision.

3. Good brightness contrast enables the eyes to distinguish objects from the background. In a lighting system, good brightness contrast will not cause strong reflection glare, and provide people with a comfortable visual environment.

4. The direction and position of the lamps are very important. It also affects the distribution of light and shadow.

5. Shadows can enhance the visual sense and provide guidance. An effective combination of scattered light and direct light produces a good shadow state.

With the continuous implementation of “national fitness”, ball games are still the first choice of the majority of sports, and the court lighting is also heavy in the middle, a standard court lighting not only directly affects the result of the game, but also reflects the love of the people for sports.