LED billboard lighting guide


How to effectively illuminate the billboard? Advertising lighting is extremely important. In recent years, due to the increasing demand for outdoor lighting at night, there have been many developments in billboard lighting. Most outdoor billboard lighting uses high-power metal halide lamps, which consume a lot of electricity. The annual electricity bill spent by advertisers accounts for more than 70% of the total investment. If you use LED advertising lights, they are considered the best choice

Billboard lighting design requirements


In the same area, the illuminance of the billboard must be slightly higher than the others, so when determining the illuminance value, the illuminance of the surrounding environment and the absorbance of the color of the billboard’s layout should be considered. The recommended illuminance is 500LX.

2.Illumination uniformity

The so-called uniformity is the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the maximum illuminance. The function of uniformity is that when visitors look around the layout, there is a good transition and no glare, so as not to cause visual discomfort, thereby affecting the time that the line of sight stays on the layout. Therefore, paying attention to uniformity can increase the impact on the customer’s central visual nerve, thereby deepening the customer’s impression, promoting the desire to buy, and ultimately facilitating the transaction. The recommended uniformity value is greater than 0.4

3.Color temperature ( CCT )

Because the billboard is composed of a variety of different colors, the color temperature of the light source has a great impact on the color of the billboard, so we must pay attention to the different effects produced by the absorption and superposition of light colors. Therefore, the requirements for the color temperature of the light source must be close to the value of the color temperature under sunlight, so as to be as close as possible to the effect during the day. The recommended color temperature is 4200K.

4.Color rendering ( CRI )

Color rendering is the ability of the light source to present the color of the layout itself, and it is also the most important issue for advertising creatives. Brightly colored billboards will not change the intentions of creatives after being illuminated by lights. It is recommended that the color rendering is greater than 80%. Advertising lighting requirements

5.Energy saving

Because the brightness required for billboard lighting is relatively high to make the billboard very conspicuous and prominent at night, the lamps used in traditional billboard lighting are metal halide lamps, which consume a lot of electricity, especially for huge advertisements.


The service life of billboard lighting is a factor that needs to be considered when choosing lighting fixtures, because billboard lighting requires easy maintenance, especially for billboard lighting on highways, which require billboard lighting fixtures have a long lifespan.All in all, a long service life can reduce maintenance frequency and reduce maintenance costs.


The weight of the billboard lighting fixture should not be too heavy, because if it is too heavy, it will be inconvenient to install. In addition, if the weight is too heavy, it will become a burden on the billboard. As a result, too many lamps can’t be installed on a billboard,Which makes it impossible to meet the lighting requirements.

Benefits of Hishine’s led flood light


1.High light efficiency

High luminous efficiency is very attractive for billboard lighting. At present, the luminous efficiency of most billboard lighting generally does not exceed 130lm/w. For billboard lighting, if the billboard lighting fixture has high luminous efficiency, it will give Advertisers save a lot of costs. Our current led floodlight is very efficient, reaching an astonishing 190lm/w.

2.Multiple wattages available

In order to meet the needs of different customers for different wattages, we have designed and developed different wattages for this floodlight, including 75W100W150W200W240W280W. These floodlights of different wattages can meet the customers’ needs for various large and small billboard lighting needs and the lighting needs of billboards in different geographical locations.

3.Light distribution

The light distribution performance of lamps is one of the key factors that determine the quality of billboard lighting. Professional light distribution curves can meet the requirements of different billboards’ illuminance and uniformity. For billboard lighting, the light distribution curve generally adopts bat type.

4.Easy to install

The floodlights designed and produced by Hishine are very simple and convenient to install. Even for people who have no installation experience, our products will definitely not take a lot of time and energy. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the lamps, it is recommended to adopt movable installation.

5.IP67 waterproof

This is the primary consideration when choosing billboard lighting, which is very important. Because billboards are generally installed outdoors, the selected billboard lighting fixture must have waterproof performance, and its waterproof performance should be excellent enough to avoid unnecessary losses due to rainwater and water vapor in the air entering the lamp.

6.Split cooling

At present, the common heat dissipation method for LED lamps is to install a heat dissipation module on the electronic components that generate heat. The heat dissipation module generally includes a substrate, a plurality of heat dissipation fins, and a heat pipe penetrating the plurality of heat dissipation fins. However, with the continuous improvement of integrated circuits and the continuous improvement of the performance of electronic components, the power consumption of electronic components has become larger and larger, and the surface heat flux density of electronic components has increased sharply. A more effective cooling method of electronic components has also been proposed. Therefore, the split heat dissipation technology came into being. At present, our LED floodlights have adopted this heat dissipation method, and the heat dissipation effect has been significantly improved.

7.Intelligent control system

With the advent of intelligence, LED lights can also be controlled by various intelligent terminals to switch and adjust the brightness. Our LED floodlights can be installed and adapted to various sensors. Advertisers can set the sensors before the lamps are installed so that the lamps can be adjusted independently. In addition, advertisers can also control and adjust the lamps in the intelligent control system.


When choosing billboard lighting, waterproof, light efficiency, service life and ease of installation should be considered, and finally combined with price, quality and after-sales service to get the best billboard lighting solution.

If you are looking for the best billboard lighting solution, please contact us, we can provide you with the best lighting solution.

Post time: Oct-24-2020
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