Lighting control of high pole light

Now there are two kinds of high pole lights: fixed and polygon. When the 15-meter high pole lamp is used for construction, it is necessary to hang the polygonal lamp with two or two upper steel cables. By means of steel or artificial power, the polygon lamp can be raised to the top position or landed 1-2 meters above the ground. Workers do not need to work at height, can work directly on the ground for construction. Compared with the fixed high-pole light, its biggest defect is that it does not need to purchase a special elevated vehicle during construction

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This over-expectation of light control must be constrained easily, run smoothly, start and brake impact is small, positioning is accurate, is the result of overload and credible cover. At present, the lighting control of 15 meters high pole lamp at home and abroad is realized by the mechanical and electrical devices composed of steel, worm gear reducer, reliable coupling, wire rope drum, lifting wire rope and electric operating box. Typically, the device is installed in the space below the tower. In order to ensure accurate positioning, electromagnetic brakes are usually equipped. Through the positive and negative rotation of the steel, the steel wire rope can be lifted up and down to achieve the lifting of the polygon light frame. This kind of light control has some disadvantages, such as fixed deceleration ratio, unadjustable vertical speed, large impact force during starting and braking, low positioning accuracy, complex electric operation structure principle, and inconvenient coupling torque adjustment.