Methods When LED High Bay lights do not work

Methods When LED High Bay lights do not work

First, LED mining lights do not work:

1, LED light source is bad; The process is not perfect when the lamp is assembled, the lamp beads can not be in good contact with the heat dissipator, and the thermal paste is not evenly applied. In addition, if the quality of the lamp itself is poor, the lighting time will be burned.

2, LED power supply is bad; Power problems lead to some manufacturers due to the use of inferior power supplies at low prices, product quality is not qualified, and there will be burning lights, lights flashing or light after a while.

Second, LED mining lamp does not work treatment:

The patch type can change the entire lamp board, and the high-power integrated molding can change the entire light source, and it is necessary to pay attention to the heat dissipation. If the power supply is broken, it can only be replaced directly. If the light is not bright due to the power supply, it is best to replace the light source.


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5 Reasons To Choose H5 LED High Bay Light


Reason 1:- Firstly, this form of lamp has a much better lifespan than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamp types. On average, LED lights last 10 times longer than other lights. But of course, you don’t have to waste too much time and money looking for alternatives. you don’t have to constantly replace them either.

Reason 2:- In terms of LED lights, they are more energy efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lights. On average, LED lights consume only 2 to 10 watts of power, about 66% less than traditional lights. Since these lights don’t require much energy to power them, this of course helps minimize your annual electricity bill.

Reason 3:- High bay LED lights are not equipped with a filament, so they are not only more reliable, but also more resistant to drops. So of course the chances of them bursting or bursting are minimized.

Reason 4:- You may be surprised to know that this form of light may seem advantageous if you want to operate climate control in your house. Note that high bay LED lights don’t use much power and therefore don’t generate much heat. So, of course, this means that your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be being used as often to help reduce heat levels in your home. So you not only reduce the operating costs of your air conditioning system, but of course also reduce your repair costs.

Reason 5:- These types of lamps produce a very white light so they have a fair amount of illumination. Of course, this helps to ensure that when operating in potentially hazardous situations these lights can produce enough light so that any hazards can be clearly seen. Many businesses have also noticed that the brighter the light that shines through workers, the more productive they are.