New Brand X1 LED Linear Strip Light UL DLC5.1 -Hishine Group

Hishine Group LTD is a Shenzhen facotry and China government certified Top 10% High-Tech Manufacturer for LED Lighting, has over 50 new design patents and 24 innovation patents. Under IS9001:2015 Quality management, we do OEM ODM serivice for big companies in LED field in past years.

Here highly recommend new arrival X1 LED linear Strip Light which is UL DLC5.1 certified, widely to replace both traditional fluorescent and HID fixtures.

1. Power range 15W 24W 30W 45W 60W 70W 80W, 1ft-4ft length.
2. Class P programmable LED Driver, 4 Step Power Adjustable
3. L70 lumen maintenance of 100,000 hours, 5 years warranty,140lm/W

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