On The New Prospect Of China’s LED Industry Development

Innovation leads the trend and science and technology leads the future.

In the context of low carbon economy, energy conservation and environmental protection, China’s LED industry has developed rapidly and has shifted from a single economic industry chain to a new industrial model of diversified self-help research and development and production.

With the increasing demand for energy conservation and environmental protection, the development prospect of the LED industry is highly optimistic. Drived by huge potential benefits, many enterprises have formulated industrial development policies to promote the rapid growth of the LED industry.



According to statistics, by the end of 2010, the scale of China’s LED industry has reached 100 billion yuan, and in 2015, the scale of China’s LED industry will reach 500 billion yuan.

With the continuous maturity and development of technology, the scope of application of LED is gradually expanding, from LED lighting, architectural landscape, display screen to mobile phones, computers and notebooks, etc., and the mode involved in the industry is also gradually expanding.

The development prospect of LED industry is immeasurable, especially in this new environment of advocating low carbon environmental protection.

LED industry has a good development prospect in China, based on the following points:

1. This year, as the first year of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan, government departments continue to increase their support for the LED industry.

2. China itself is a big market, especially in recent years, the demand from the auxiliary terminal market has increased greatly, and the application scope of LED is also gradually expanding.

3. Although there is a certain gap in technology compared with foreign countries, we can draw on others’ technology to narrow the gap and build our own industry.

4. Low-carbon economy has become the trend of world economic development in the future, and LED industry will become the main green industry to promote the rapid development of China’s economy.

With the vigorous development of the domestic LED market, more and more foreign enterprises turn their eyes to China. Especially in recent years, the number of patent applications in the field of LED accepted by China has increased significantly year by year. With the increase of competition, the independent innovation of enterprises is an inevitable factor to enhance competition.

LED display is a core of the industrial chain, the range of application in the market which is the most widely, from outdoor displays to the home appliance display of daily life and so on the LED display screen has a very important position, but with the development of the market demand of traffic lights, special lighting and other kinds of application of the market share increase steadily,

Especially in recent years, with the opening of the smart phone and tablet computer market, the demand of the LED market has gradually changed to multiple changes, changing the previous single new demand of the market. Technology and technological content are also gradually improving and developing, and the LED industry has entered a new stage of new development.

LED punch word series LED punch word is mainly the use of LED lamp beads integrated into a medium to form a luminous words, the formation of the punch word color is rich, there are a variety of colors available, such as three primary colors, seven colors, full color;

It has the characteristics of simple installation, convenient replacement, energy saving and environmental protection.

LED punching words have been widely used in all walks of life

LED Strip, also known as LED Strip, the English name is called LED Strip, the shape of this product is like a Strip, plus the main part of the product is LED, so the name comes out.

As for the lamp bar, it is estimated that the shape is also taken, plus the original to constitute.

LED high-power wall washing lamp LED high-power wall washing lamp is also known as LED wall washing lamp, linear LED projection lamp and so on, because its shape is long, it is also known as LED line lamp, mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, and used to outline the outline of large buildings, its technical parameters and LED projection lamp are generally similar,

Compared with the circular structure of the LED projection lamp, the heat dissipation device of the strip structure of the LED high-power wall washing lamp is easier to deal with

LED controller (LED controller) is through the chip processing control of the LED lamp circuit in each position of the switch.

According to the preset program, the controller then controls the driving circuit to make the LED array glow regularly, so as to display text or graphics


Post time: May-18-2021
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