Outdoor football field lights use halogen lights or led lights?

The choice of outdoor football field lights between halogen lights and LED lights needs to be considered according to their respective characteristics and the lighting needs of football fields. The following is a detailed analysis and comparison of the two lamps:

Halogen lamp:

Lighting range and illuminance: The lighting range of halogen lamps is smaller than that of LED lamps and gold halide lamps, but its illuminance is still high, which can meet the lighting needs of a certain range.
Life and maintenance costs: Halogen lamps have a longer life and lower maintenance costs than gold halide lamps.
Environmental protection: Halogen lamps are made of degradable materials, which is more environmentally friendly than LED lamps.
Disadvantages: The projection distance is close, the distortion is large, can not ensure the visual effect of the game well, and the power consumption is also high.
LED lights:

Energy efficiency and energy saving: LED lamps have higher light efficiency and can provide enough light at lower energy consumption, reducing operating costs.
Life: The long life of LED lamps reduces the frequency of replacing lamps, thus reducing maintenance costs.
Adjustable: The color temperature, brightness and other parameters of the LED lamps are adjustable, which can be flexibly adjusted according to different competition needs and scenes to create the best lighting effect for the competition.
Intelligent control: Some advanced LED lighting systems use intelligent control technology, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the weather, time and other factors to ensure that the stadium always maintains a good lighting environment.
Environmental protection: LED lamps are environmentally friendly and pollution-free.
Overall consideration:

For outdoor football stadiums, the lighting system needs to ensure that players and referees can clearly see the situation on the field in a variety of light conditions, while also taking into account energy conservation and environmental protection and operating costs.

Lighting effect: LED lamp because of its high brightness, uniform lighting characteristics, can better meet the needs of the football field lighting effect.
Energy saving and environmental protection: LED lamps have significant advantages in energy saving and environmental protection, which can reduce energy consumption and operating costs.
Intelligent control: The intelligent control function of LED lamps can automatically adjust the light according to different situations, improve the lighting effect and reduce energy consumption.
Therefore, it is more appropriate to use LED lights for outdoor football field lights. Of course, when selecting specific lamps, it is also necessary to take into account the site size, budget, competition needs and other factors for comprehensive consideration.