Outdoor lighting installation precautions

Grounding: the lamp must have good wiring and grounding according to the requirements of the manual, and the class I lamp is not grounded and becomes an approximate class 0 lamp;

Allowable voltage fluctuation: HCI ceramic halide lamp, HQI quartz halide lamp and NAV high-pressure sodium lamp require that the voltage fluctuation in a short period of time shall not exceed the range of +/-5%, long-term allowable fluctuation range of +/-3%, larger voltage changes will shorten the life of the lamp and cause color deviation;

The use of light source: frequent switching will shorten the life of the lamp;

Ballast: The distance between the light source and the ballast is limited, generally not more than 3 meters;

Starting current: HCI, HQI and NAV depending on different ballasts, the lamp starting current can be up to 2 times the working current, so this current must be considered in circuit design, otherwise the switch is easy to trip;

Luminous flux: The light source is relatively stable at the point of 100 to 300 hours, the burning point position of T-type and T-type is horizontal, and the E-type is vertical lamp head on, when the different burning point position of the light source, its luminous flux, color temperature and even life have significant differences;

Color deviation: For all HQI and HCI gold halide lamps, there may be color deviation between the lamp and the lamp, this color deviation is due to the influence of external factors such as power supply voltage, ballast and lamp design, lamp color temperature consistency factors:

Internal cause: the consistency of the arc tube (amount of mercury, electrode gap, volume, current situation and size, etc.) determines the consistency of the lamp power and cold point temperature, which affect the halide density, thus determining the consistency of the lamp related color temperature. At present, the foreign advanced level, the relevant color temperature tolerance of the same batch of light source can be controlled at +/-100K or so, while the domestic advanced level is about +/-300K. For 3000K gold halide lamps, this 600K color temperature difference is easy to feel with the naked eye.

External causes: different ignition point positions can be different by 600K, power supply voltage parameters, supporting capacitors, related industry standards, rated power below 400W, ballast adjustment rate must be less than 10%; However, matching the electronic ballast of constant power of Taitong lighting can prevent color temperature deviation very well.

Installation number: it is recommended that no more than 4 lights in parallel on the same branch to reduce voltage changes, phase to phase voltage will also cause the problem of light source color bias, such as customers have special requirements for illumination and color rendering, it is recommended that customers choose HCI ceramic gold halide light source, matching constant power gold halide lamp electronic ballast, the price is more expensive;

Installation of buried light: When installing the light source, it is necessary to use a good toughened glass to press waterproof silicone, tighten the screws diagonally and evenly, and cannot be installed on the lane of the square. The conventional HID buried lamps reserve 0.5 meters of three-core cable, and the external wiring should be waterproof box, and the waterproof grade is IP67. The company is not equipped with waterproof box (can be determined to the company), the buried lamp must have a hydrophobic layer of more than 20CM, and it is best to drain; 10, underwater light installation: Conventional production of underwater lights reserve 1 meter three-core cable, external wiring to use waterproof box, waterproof level requirements IP68, the company is not equipped with waterproof box (can be determined to the company), for safety reasons, underwater lights generally need transformers, transformer waterproof level is IP44, so the underwater lamp anti-shock level is Class III, the transformer must be installed on the pond shore, Cannot be installed underwater;

Universal (projection) light installation: When installing the light source, the tempered glass is well pressed waterproof silicone, the floodlight can be adjusted according to the lighting design requirements, all floodlight, buried lights and wall lights, can not be covered by the shield, the distance is indicated on the label on the product, all lamps can not be installed on the combustible surface (combustible surface refers to the object that can burn at 130 degrees).

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