PG03 Led Grow Light with UVA Disinfection Function-Hishine

Innovative Led Grow Light with UVA Disinfection Function-Hishine

There is a close relationship between plant growth and light. When there is insufficient sunlight, plant supplementary lighting can be used to increase plant photosynthesis. Plant supplementary lighting is developed according to the natural laws of plant growth and the principle of plant photosynthesis. It can replace the sun to supplement light to plants, thereby improving the harm caused by insufficient light and increasing the efficiency of plant production in greenhouses.

  1. It can enhance the corresponding light at any time, which can continuously help and promote plant photosynthesis. Especially in winter, it can prolong the effective lighting time. Whether at dusk or at night, it can effectively extend and scientifically control the light required by related plants, thereby not being affected by the environment.
  2. Plant lights can replace natural light in greenhouses and plant laboratories, thereby promoting the growth of related plants.