Plants need photosynthesis, can light replace sunlight?

Yes, but the quantum effects of different types of light are different. For example, red light is stronger than far red light, and the simultaneous irradiation of both is stronger than the sum of their single irradiation.

It cannot completely replace sunlight. Based on the absorption and utilization of sunlight by plants, a supplementary light lamp has been made. Its spectrum maximally conforms to the spectrum of sunlight, meeting the needs of plants. For example, the red and blue plant supplementary light lamp is based on the principle of maximizing the utilization of red and blue light by plants. However, the invisible light in sunlight also plays a significant role in the growth of plants, but the current research and development of fill lights seems to not achieve the level of invisible light that also has an effect. It is possible to use a fill light lamp to supplement light to plants when there is insufficient sunlight, but if there is no reliance on the fill light lamp for sunlight, the effect will definitely be worse.

Light can replace sunlight for plant identification and photosynthesis.

Scientific research has found that photosynthesis in plants is not possible with all types of light, mainly relying on blue-green and red orange light. So now many factories have supplementary lights in their hail manuscript workshops, usually reddish or blue in color. These lights contain monochromatic light that can be used for photosynthesis by plants, so they can also perform photosynthesis under light.


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