Professional lamps are commonly used in stadiums

High suspension fluorescent lamp performance characteristics: unique reflector design, efficiency up to 90-95%; More lamp configuration number choice, easy to flexible lighting and light distribution design, to achieve maximum energy saving; With professional high-hanging long-life fluorescent tubes, achieve higher lumen maintenance rate and longer life; High efficiency and energy saving, compared with traditional HID lamps, energy saving up to 50-60%. The lamp is superior to other types of lamps in comfort, illumination and glare, and can bring customers a professional and comfortable lighting environment. At the same time, this lamp is also suitable for indoor tennis court lighting, indoor basketball court lighting, badminton court lighting, indoor comprehensive stadium lighting and other indoor sports venues.

Performance characteristics of the professional floodlight: the luminaire is lightweight, equipped with a handle that is easy to handle, and equipped with a 360º adjustable mounting bracket; At the same time, it is equipped with accurate sight accessories, mounted on the top or low end of the lamp body; Ambient temperature: can adapt to indoor and outdoor conventional weather use; Through the gradual improvement, the luminous efficiency and the effective utilization rate of light are greatly improved; The unique elliptical optical system with the new light source ensures the overall efficiency with high reliability, low glare and optimal lighting level, compact appearance and beautiful, small wind resistance coefficient, light weight. The luminaire has a uniquely designed light distribution curve; Beam precision, a variety of light distribution, instant start and other features.

Performance characteristics: the patent “fin” heat dissipation structure design LED heat dissipation area is larger, better thermal conductivity, not only effectively reduce the LED node temperature rise, but also lower light decay longer life, while the product weight is lighter, safety performance is extremely high, is the market for sports lighting use of high-tech LED lighting products.

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