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What is LED sports lighting? How to light up the sports playground lighting? Why is it best to buy stadium lighting directly from the manufacturer? Why use LED instead of halogen lamp, HPS, LPS, metal halide lamp? How much electricity do I need to modify the stadium floodlights? Can I get lighting suggestions for my sports lighting project?


We understand that end users always choose the best lighting solution, that is, high-quality lighting and affordable prices. In order to help you secure your bid for LED sports lighting, we provide the highest standards of luminosity lighting design for football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, and volleyball courts. Please choose the most suitable product for your project.


Price is another major issue. From the perspective of the electrical contractor, if you buy LED lights from a sports floodlight manufacturer, you can save a lot of money because this is the theoretically lowest price. In addition, because we fully understand the working principle of high-power lamps, you can get immediate support directly from the supplier.


Nowadays, LED lighting in the sports field has become the main lighting type in this field. This is because users can save up to 70% to 75% of energy after replacing HID sports lighting solutions. Let us choose from the list below to explore our LED lamps, you will find detailed descriptions of lamps suitable for different sports fields.


 LED Stadium Light LED Tennis Court Light  LED Football Field Light  LED Baseball Field Light 
Stadium LED lighting Tennis court LED lighting Football field LED lighting Baseball Stadium LED Lighting
Port Terminal Lighting  LED Hockey Field Light LED Racecourse Light LED Rugby Field Light 
Port terminal LED lighting Hockey stadium LED lighting Racecourse LED lighting Football field LED lighting
LED Golf Course Light Badminton Court Lighting  LED Basketball Court Light  
Golf Course LED lighting Badminton Court LED Lighting Basketball court lighting  


Post time: Jan-19-2021
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