Real Madrid 3-1 Atalanta, 4-1 on aggregate through to the last eight! Design analysis of large stadium lighting fixtures

In the early morning of March 17, Beijing time, the second leg of the Champions League 1/8 final was hosted by Real Madrid against Atalanta. In the first half, Modric broke the ball into the penalty area and crossed, Benzema pushed the goal, Real Madrid 1-0 Atlanta; In the second half, Vinicius set up a point and Ramos shot into the net to extend the lead. Subsequently, Muriel scored from a set piece, Atalanta recovered a goal, Asensio scored as a substitute, and finally Real Madrid won 3-1 at home, and eliminated Atalanta into the last eight by a 4-1 aggregate score.

Real Madrid 3-1 Atalanta, 4-1 on aggregate through to the last eight! Design analysis of large stadium lighting fixtures插图
hi-robot high mast light for football field

In the first half, Atlanta took the lead in kicking off, attacking ferociously, and Real Madrid fully resisted the offensive. 2 minutes Atlanta left play exquisite cooperation, Muriel cross near the bottom line, Gossens shot in front of the door, was held by Courtois. In the 16th minute, Atalanta got a corner chance, and Jim Siti volleyed away. In the 34th minute, the Atalanta goalkeeper misfired, Modric broke the ball into the penalty area and crossed, Benzema pushed the goal, Real Madrid 1-0 Atalanta.

In the second half, Atlanta stepped up its offensive. Gossens left pass, Zapata area line back body to protect the ball, but accidentally pushed the ball into, Courtois attack first to hold the ball. 52nd minute, Vinicius ball burst into the penalty area after several people shot missed. In the 60th minute, Vinicius was tripped into the penalty area, Toloi made a tackle, the referee called a penalty and showed Toloi a yellow card, Ramos scored the penalty, Real Madrid 2-0 Atalanta. In the 83rd minute, Muriel scored directly from a free kick in the front of the penalty area, and Atlanta pulled a goal back 1-2! 85th minute, Vazquez penalty area right midfield ball straight to the top of the penalty area arc, straight into the left side of the penalty area, Asensio push near corner, Real Madrid 3-1 Atlanta.

At the end of the game, Real Madrid beat Atalanta 3-1 at home, eliminated the opponent 4-1 on aggregate, and qualified for the last eight of the Champions League again after two years.
In large stadiums, the position and light distribution of lamps occupy a very important position. The number and power of the lamps, the architectural design of the venue, the structural design will also affect the lighting effect, the sports lighting system is a very comprehensive system, because the large comprehensive stadium, its function not only to meet all kinds of large-scale competitions, but also to undertake different large-scale artistic performances and other tasks, and this time the lighting system is essential. When the same site acts on different tasks, the lighting is different, which requires the site to be able to switch arbitrarily in different modes.

In sports lighting equipment, lighting fixtures, lighting system is very important, rather than just a few simple lamps can be solved, such as illuminance, illuminance uniformity, color temperature, color rendering index, glare calculation value, lamps and light source efficiency, environmental conditions (maintenance factor), etc. These should be considered, football game is an economic game, if because of light, Causing the athlete to not see the direction of the ball, or too dazzling to cause the athlete can not open their eyes, etc., which can lead to the result of the whole game.

Real Madrid 3-1 Atalanta, 4-1 on aggregate through to the last eight! Design analysis of large stadium lighting fixtures插图1
LED High Mast Lighting

Stadium lighting design should pay special attention to the use of venues, if you need to use HDTV television broadcast, in order to ensure that the broadcast image picture vivid and clear, vivid color, vertical illumination, illuminance uniformity and three-dimensional sense, light source color temperature and color rendering indicators have specific requirements. Whether the stadium lighting design can meet the requirements of illumination standards and lighting quality is an evaluation – one of the main signs of a stadium.

The lighting design of sports venues is characterized by large lighting space, far distance, and high illuminance technology requirements, so the field lighting is generally selected with a high rate and long life professional light distribution lamps.

Selection of large stadium lighting fixtures:

1. Lamps should have anti-glare measures.

2. The lamp should come with or be equipped with an Angle indicator.

3. The opening method of the lamp should ensure that it does not change its aiming Angle during maintenance.

4. Green energy saving, health and environmental protection, close to natural light sports lighting.

5. The lamps installed at high altitude should be light in weight, small in size and small in wind load coefficient.

6. The lamp and its accessories should have anti-fall measures, and the lamp locking device should be able to withstand the maximum wind load under the conditions of use.

7. The protection level of the lamp shell should not be less than IP55, and the protection level of places that are not easy to maintain or seriously polluted should not be less than IP65.

8. Lamps and accessories should be able to meet the requirements of the use of the environment, lamps should be high strength, corrosion resistance, lamps and electrical accessories must meet the requirements of heat resistance grade.

9. Lighting distribution should be adapted to the installation height, location and stadium lighting requirements. Outdoor stadiums should choose narrow beam 10~45 and medium beam lamps, indoor stadiums should choose medium beam 46~100 and wide beam lamps 100~160.

Hishine lighting, as a pioneer in the LED sports lighting industry, is designed for sports stadium lighting, not only to comply with the current lighting market trend, and according to the lighting market demand developed a special product special characteristics of such lamps, the light source uses the original imported custom, drive the use of world famous brand power. Makes the color temperature closer to the natural light, the lamp body appearance is beautiful, generous, the use of Hishine lighting special lights will make the whole stadium more high-grade, beautiful, harmonious.

More energy saving and environmental protection glare and overflow light processing, imported high-quality high-power lamp beads, high brightness, light color integrated in the site, longer service life, more soft light. It is also equipped with a 360° adjustable mounting bracket, accurate sight accessories, mounted on the top or low end of the lamp body. Can adapt to indoor and outdoor conventional weather use; Through gradual improvement, the luminous efficiency and the effective utilization rate of light are greatly improved.

In addition, Hishine lighting professional LED lamps have a “fin” heat dissipation structure design LED heat dissipation area is larger, better thermal conductivity, not only effectively reduce the LED node temperature rise, but also lower light decay longer life, while the product weight is lighter, safe use of high performance, It is a high-tech LED lighting product suitable for sports lighting on the market.