Significance of  installing high pole lights in special outdoor areas?

Significance of  installing high pole lights in special outdoor areas?

High pole lamp usually refers to a combination of high-power LED projection lamps with a height of more than fifteen meters, which are used for outdoor large-scale lighting. In this process, its components include the upper part of the lamp and the basic parts of the lamp post. At this time, the design of the lamp head may have certain differences, because there will be certain distinctions based on user requirements, surrounding environment, lighting effects, etc. The internal lamps are generally composed of floodlights or projection lamps. At this time, the light source used to be mostly high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps, but now LED projection lamps are basically listed; Moreover, its lighting radius can be said to be very large, reaching up to 60 meters. Generally, the lamp post can be used for more than 25 meters, but it should also be controlled below 40 meters;

High pole lights are a very necessary situation and have corresponding needs in many places. Their brightness is relatively high, and the lighting range is wide and even, so they are loved by many people. The application range includes using them in urban squares, docks, highways, high-speed railway stations, and sports venues, which can bring good lighting effects and avoid functional lighting such as property loss, work, and night sports competitions.

For example, in train stations, bus stations, airports, high-speed rail stations, and sports venues, these street lights make it more convenient for pedestrians and safer for vehicles to travel, especially in sports venues. At night, some sports enthusiasts like to go for a run or engage in other sports activities, so high pole lights have become an indispensable equipment in this place. At the same time, in freight yards and overpasses, high pole lights are a device that has made a huge contribution, because at night, there are more vehicles on the road, especially overpasses. Only high pole lights can prevent vehicles from colliding with the street lights and shine at higher places. Therefore, such lights can be said to be widely used in this era.