Stadium lighting design lamp selection common 8 points to note

As we all know, good stadium lighting can make the stadium upgrade, reduce maintenance, stable improvement of operating efficiency, and also make people who love sports more comfortable exercise and feel more comfortable.

Generally speaking, the lighting of the stadium requires a large lighting space, a long distance, high illumination technology, therefore, the selection of lighting fixtures is very key, we must choose the appropriate professional lamps. So what do you need to pay attention to when choosing lamps in stadiums?

Stadium lighting design lamp selection common 8 points to note插图
1200W led stadium light for football field and volleyball court

(1) The lighting distribution should be adapted to the installation height, location and lighting requirements of the luminaire. Narrow beam and medium beam lamps should be used for outdoor stadiums, and medium beam and wide beam lamps should be used for indoor stadiums.

(2) Lamps and accessories should be able to meet the requirements of the use of the environment, lamps should be high strength, corrosion resistance, lamps and electrical accessories must meet the requirements of heat resistance grade.

(3) Metal halide lamps should not be used open lamps. The protection level of the lamp shell should not be less than IP55, and the protection level of places that are not easy to maintain or seriously polluted should not be less than IP65.

(4) The opening method of the lamp should ensure that it does not change its aiming Angle during maintenance.

(5) The lamp should come with or be equipped with an indication device to adjust the Angle. The lamp locking device should be able to withstand the maximum wind load under the conditions of use.

(6) The lamps installed at high altitude should be light in weight, small in size and small in wind load coefficient.

(7) Lamps should have anti-glare measures.

(8) Lamps and their accessories should have anti-fall measures.

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